Faster Mind Challenge 3rd edition

How to challenge logistics to contribute to a sustainable world?


1st step
From 1st of Oct to 2nd of Dec

Get your project selected

Create a team of
2 to 3 students
or young graduates
(graduated under 3 years ago)
We recommend that you include a range of complementary profiles to help you produce the best ideas: innovation often comes from a mix of different skills and talents!

You can also join an incomplete team to share your skills and raise the odds!

Your first submission is a summary.
It should present an appealing overall vision of your project.
Feel free to use illustrations, diagrams, texts, or any other type of relevant content.
This document of 3 slides/pages may be either in English or in your own language.

2nd step
From 19th of Dec to 27th of Jan

Stand out
& emphasize your idea !
Congratulation if you are among the projects selected for the second step of this Faster Mind Challenge 3rd edition!

At this step we strongly encourage you to attach additional material such as a demo video, a functional model, sketches or any drafts of your project you think are relevant.

There is no template to follow, your presentation can take any form you like, design initiatives to illustrate your project will be particularly welcome.

FM Logistic will provide mentorship to pre-selected teams to support you directly through the platform.

3rd step
From 8th of Feb to 19th of Mar

Make it happen

Four teams are invited to present their project to local FM Logistic top management.
The presentation will last
10 minutes
and will be followed by
5 minutes Q&A
Be clear, concise and convincing!

Final ranking will be announced after the presentations.


Final in Paris

May 9th 2019

The 7 teams selected will be invited to promote their ideas to the international management teams. They will get the chance to meet and interact with FM logistic staff members.