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GEFCO in brief 

Global expert in supply chain solutions, European leader in automotive logistics, GEFCO implements value-added logistics schemes worldwide for our customers in the automotive sector, consumer goods, fashion, health care, pharmaceuticals and aeronautics. No other logistics provider combines this unified, multimodal global presence with the flexibility and expertise to design specific, integrated solutions for each and every customer.

Following its recent transformation, GEFCO has set its sights on innovation. Conscious of the major issues facing the supply chain, the company wants to reinvent the logistics of the future by offering you a unique opportunity to design tomorrow’s urban logistics.

GEFCO needs you! Tackle this issue:


What supply chain will be used in tomorrow’s cities?

A few ideas for inspiration

Better management of increasing traffic and congestion in cities 

New transport practices (e.g. the cargo/people model that carries goods and people at the same time); optimizing trucks’ loads and delivery solutions (e.g. pooling lorry capacity between delivery companies)

Improving responses to customers’ growing needs and demands

Faster delivery; better added value in logistics services

Adapting storage models to customer requirements

Mass personalization; fast delivery (e.g. urban storage, 3D printing)

Making deliveries more fluid

New ways of reorganizing deliveries to reduce the amount of space that trucks take up on the roads during deliveries (e.g. night-time deliveries in cities)


  • On major traffic arteries, trucks are responsible for 25-30% of traffic jams during working hours.
  • Trucks are often loaded to around 50% of their capacity.

Where we’re headed before 2025:
  • 35 megalopolises around the world will be looking for efficient and innovative logistics solutions
  • 3 out of 5 people will live in cities
  • The boom in e-commerce will see people ordering more and more personalized products from anywhere, at any time, with fast delivery
  • The number of deliveries to cities will reach 500 million per day
  • Growing environmental problems in all cities (pollution, congestion, etc.)

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