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PSA Retail in brief 

PSA RETAIL is an automotive retailer, selling the Peugeot, Citroën, DS, Opel and Vauxhall brands from over 374 commercial sites across 11 countries. PSA RETAIL has a presence in 21 of the 30 biggest European cities.
This broad distribution of sites and staff is an asset that allows it to cover the entirety of its wide-ranging territory and to maintain proximity to its customers to offer them the best possible service. It’s also a challenge to create a worldwide team spirit and a common sense of togetherness that extends far beyond individual sites of an average of around 50 employees. PSA RETAIL is, in a sense, a grouping of SMEs whose members want to instil shared human values.
They want to build a strong identity that boosts their appeal despite the employment market shortages in the vehicle sales and repair sector, which has resulted in high turnover.
The mindset that guides them today is to offer the speed of action and agility of a startup within a major group.
PSA RETAIL’s aim is to combine business with genuine work-life balance. 
PSA RETAIL needs you! Tackle this issue:


How can each PSA RETAIL site become a Great Place to Work* ?


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A few ideas for inspiration

Technical Solutions

What technical solutions would improve working conditions for employees or make their environment even better? What interior design solutions could be put in place?

Organizational Solutions

What organizational changes would result in a better working environment or a better work/life balance? Example topics: opening hours, pace of work, remote working.

Digital Solutions

What contribution does technology or the IoT make to well-being and safety at work? What opportunities does the digital world bring?

Other Topics

Do you have a project that doesn’t come under the given topics? Feel free to submit it anyway.


Worldwide, PSA RETAIL has over 10,900 employees who specialize in five business lines :
  • New vehicles (NV)
  • Used vehicles (UV)
  • After-sales (AS)
  • Spare parts (SP)
  • Rental (vehicle hire)
A typical PSA RETAIL site has an average of 50 employees
The breakdown for each site is as follows:
  • 50% of the workforce are mechanics working on vehicle repairs
  • 30% are new and used vehicle sales teams
  • 20% are organizational employees (managers, admin staff, accounting staff)

The chain of command is quite short, with a head of site, managers who report to the head of site, and employees just below them.

Dealership opening hours: 8am-12.30pm/2pm-7pm (with some dealerships that do not take a break between midday and 2pm)
A site: Dealership/Point of sale/Garage

Feel free to visit one of the many PSA RETAIL sites! Please give us at least a week’s notice so we can organize your visit.

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