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In line with its strategy to promote a more pleasant and smooth travel experience, SNCF Mobilités, a Public Industrial and Commercial Establishment with capital of €4,970,897,305, whose head office is located at Campus Wilson, 9 rue Jean-Philippe Rameau, 93633 La Plaine Saint Denis, registered in the Trade and Companies Register of Paris under number 552 049 447, represented by Mr Guillaume PEPY, in his capacity as Chairman, duly authorized for these purposes, (hereinafter referred to as known as “SNCF Mobilités” or “the Organiser”), is launching a great Innovation Challenge called “Open Innovation Challenge” (hereinafter referred to as the “Challenge”), for its start-up and freelance ecosystem and also for students. It runs from 7 September 2017 at noon until 19 December 2017 at midnight (connection time/date in France will be valid). These dates may change at the discretion of the Organiser and may be moved forward or postponed. The Challenge is being held to stimulate novel visions of tomorrow’s Transportation and foster brainstorming that is already underway at SNCF Mobilités.


While the availability of these new APIs and datasets is accelerating in a more structured way, SNCF Mobilités is eager to participate in promoting the involvement of new actors with a view to developing solid partnerships.


These rules set out the rights and obligations of the Organiser and the Challenge participants (hereinafter referred to as the “Participants”).


Participants shall respond to the following question:

How will new technologies (Big data, IoT, etc.) deal with the following transportation problems? (hereinafter referred to as the “Challenges”):

  1. Information and planning of travel;
  2. Personalised services;
  3. A smooth, interactive experience;
  4. Other daily transportation problems.


Participants are therefore invited to contribute to this aim by proposing innovative ideas for projects that address one or more of these problems. At the discretion of the Organiser, these problems may be modified or others may be added. 







Any natural person who has reached the age of majority by their participation date may participate in the Challenge.


The Challenge is open to employees of the SNCF EPIC (Etablissement public à caractère industriel et commercial  [Public Industrial and Commercial Establishment]) Group and its subsidiaries. However, anyone who was involved in organising and operating the Challenge may not participate. Please note however that employees of the SNCF Group who wish to participate in the Challenge must in no case do so during working hours. All activities related to participating in the Challenge must be done during their free time.


Participants may enter the Challenge in:


  • The “Individual Candidate” Category: Participate as an individual or on a team by applying on the Challenge platform, or
  • The “Start-up” Category: For innovative companies (incorporated) with operational technical capabilities.


 How to participate in the Challenge:

  • Enter the contest on your own or with your team (up to five (5) people per team) by going to the Challenge platform. You will need an Internet connection and a valid email address to sign up at the platform.
  • If you are entering with a team, you need to choose one person who will be responsible for project communications (the Captain). The Captain will be the representative of the team and will liaise with the Challenge Organisers. The Captain will be responsible for providing updates on the team’s progress and will relay messages from the Organisers to the team. Apart from this role as a representative and communications point person, the Captain has no greater rights than any other team member; all team decisions must be taken by the group as a whole.
  • Any Participant may enter up to three (3) projects.
  • A Participant may only be the Captain of one (1) project, but may participate as a member of one or two other teams.


The members of the selection jury and the team that participated in organising and operating the Challenge may not participate in the Challenge.


The project submitted for the Challenge may address one or several of the four (4) problems listed above. Team members will decide whether to enter the project under one or more categories depending on which category or categories best represents the project.


The project is considered to have entered the Challenge once the team Captain has accepted the contest rules and the form has been properly filled out and submitted online at the dedicated platform. Participating in the Challenge entails joining and accepting all of the contest rules and conditions without reservation. This acceptance constitutes a legal agreement between the Organiser and the Participants (whether they win or not).


Deadline for submitting the project on the platform: 15 October 2017, by midnight at the latest.





The provisional schedule is provided for information purposes only and may be amended at the sole discretion of the Organiser. The Organiser will inform the Participants of any changes to the schedule by any means it deems appropriate, particularly by posting an information notice on the contest Platform.


The schedule for the Challenge is as follows:



From 7 September 2017 until midnight on 15 October 2017 (Paris time, GMT + 1): the Challenge is launched and ideas and projects are submitted.


Participants are invited to submit a project to the Challenge Platform (hereinafter referred to as the “Platform”):


The Platform is a repository for all of the relevant information that Participants will need and they can access the contest entry form and fill it out directly online.


To sign up for the Challenge, each Participant must provide the following information:


For Start-ups:

  • - Company name;
  • - Registration number in the Trade and Companies Register;
  • - Name of Legal Representative;
  • - Email address.


For individual or group candidates:

- First and last name(s);

- An email address.


Throughout the initial phase when projects are being accepted, Candidates may progressively improve the description of the project. Participants may also view the projects submitted by other candidates and request to join a team that is submitting a project. This option is open to candidates who are individuals or groups in the Individual Candidate category. Only the Captain of a project team may accept a request by a Participant to join the team.


Candidate submissions must receive final approval by no later than midnight on 15 October, 2017.

During the entire phase for submitting projects, a dedicated team for the Challenge is available to answer any question participants may have.


From 16-20 October 2017: Candidate submissions for each category are analysed (Start-up and Individual Candidate categories).


The Challenge Organisers will choose 6 candidate submissions from the Start-up category and will pre-select 10 teams from the Individual category to participate in the “Sprint Days”. Please note that the Sprint Days are reserved for candidates in the Individual category.


The selection criteria will mainly involve the following aspects:


For Individual Candidates:


  • Competence and willingness to cooperate;
  • Need for support (development capability and resources required);
  • Desirability (identified need and value proposition);
  • Suitability (alignment with the topics of the Challenge);
  • Potential for innovation (usability, degree of innovativeness).


For Start-up Candidates:


  • Complementarity of the team (number of people, competencies, experience, willingness to collaborate);
  • Financial stability (resources and fundraising);
  • Maturity (is there a technological asset);
  • Desirability of the concept (identified need and clear value proposition);
  • Suitability (alignment with the topics of the Challenge);
  • Feasibility (evaluation of the necessary resources and development time);
  • Potential for technological innovation;
  • Potential for innovative use;
  • Viability of business model.


Candidates from the Individual and Start-up Categories will be informed if they are selected by the evening of 18 October 2017 at the latest. 



From 27 to 29 October 2017: Sprint Days, Individual Candidates


Intended for Individual Candidates, these two (2) days of the Sprint make it possible for Participants to develop their concepts and begin prototyping them. To this end, the project team and the experts from SNCF will help the Participants to finish their concept design (business model, feasibility, etc.) through personalised coaching and group training events. Design and lean start-up experts will also be providing support to participants in the pre-development phase to create a prototype or minimum viable product (MVP).


After the two (2) days of the Sprint are over, three (3) projects will be recognised.


The selection criteria are:  


  • Competence and willingness to cooperate;
  • Need for support (development capability and resources required);
  • Desirability (identified need and value proposition);
  • Suitability (alignment with the topics of the Challenge);
  • Potential for innovation (usability, degree of innovativeness).


The Organiser reserves the right to request that all Participants involved in the Sprint Days sign a confidentiality agreement.


Please note that Participants are responsible for covering their own travel and lodgings costs while participating in the Sprint Days.


From 23 October to 19 December 2017: “Going Deeper” - a phase for Start-up Participants to delve further into the project


During this phase, six (6) start-up projects will receive support from coaches  and experts to help them create a functional prototype.

During this “Going Deeper” phase , the Participants will receive support through:

  • Telephone coaching: The pace, timing and methods for this coaching will be defined later by the Organiser, who will inform those receiving the coaching of relevant details at the appropriate time.
  • Two (2) Bootcamps, each lasting one (1) day, will be held (dates are TBD; the Organiser will contact the Participants with all details in due time): during these events, experts who work at SNCF and other companies (design, coding, lean start-up, consultants) will help the teams to develop their functional prototype, prepare their dossier for submission and craft their final pitch.
  • One (1) online community will be available on the platform and will enable participants to communicate with coaches and experts.


The Organiser reserves the right to request that all Participants involved in the “Going Deeper” phase sign a confidentiality agreement. 


Please note that Participants are responsible for covering their own travel and lodgings costs while participating in both of the two (2) Bootcamps. No costs will be covered by the Organiser.


19 December 2017 - Demo Day: Three (3) winning projects will be chosen


Participants submitting projects in the Start-up category must have submitted all of the files pertaining to their entries by no later than midnight on 17 December 2017. Next, on the Demo Day on 19 December 2017, the six (6) teams of finalists reveal their functional prototype to the jury in an oral presentation lasting eight (8) minutes, using any presentation method of their choice, and then the functional prototype itself.


On that same day, the final jury, which is made up of representatives of SNCF and others ( experts, entrepreneurs, etc), selects three (3) winning projects. The three (3) winning projects will be announced the same day by the Director of the Jury during the closing statements for the Challenge.


The criteria used by the Jury are based on the following items:


  • Complementarity of the team (number of people, competencies, experience, willingness to collaborate);
  • Financial stability (resources and fundraising);
  • Maturity (is there a technological asset);
  • Desirability of the concept (identified need and clear value proposition);
  • Suitability (alignment with the topics of the Challenge);
  • Feasibility (evaluation of the necessary resources and development time);
  • Potential for technological innovation;
  • Potential for innovative use;
  • Viability of business model.


All of the dates shown in this paragraph may be changed by the Organiser at its sole discretion. If the dates change, the organiser will inform all of the candidates by whatever means it deems appropriate, including by publishing a message on the Platform.


Please note that Participants are responsible for covering their own costs for travel and lodgings while participating in the Demo Day on 19 December 2017. No costs will be covered by the Organiser.



After Participants deliver their pitches and the selection committee examines the submissions. The team members from the six (6) finalists’ projects will receive their prizes on Demo Day. Intermediate prizes will also be handed out.


The prizes for the participating projects are as follows:

  • For the three (3) prize-winners during the Sprint Days in the Individual Candidate category: three (3) prizes (hereinafter referred to as the “Prize”) are distributed in the following manner:
    • 1st Place: To be determined at the discretion of the Organiser (travel vouchers, cash, etc), for a total value of ten thousand euros (€10,000 incl. taxes);
    • 2nd Place: To be determined at the discretion of the Organiser (travel vouchers, cash, etc), for a total value of six thousand euros (€6,000 incl. taxes);
    • 3rd Place: To be determined at the discretion of the Organiser (travel vouchers, cash, etc), for a total value of four thousand euros (€4,000 incl. taxes);


  • For Participants chosen for Phase 2 of prototype development: they will be publicised on the Platform.


  • For winning projects in the Start-up Category:


  • Acceleration: the three (3) finalists in the Start-up Category will receive support from one of the structures owned by SNCF or partnering with SNCF, such as:
    • The ScaleHub, STATION F & NUMA* Projects,
    • ACT 574,,
    • or the Jeune Pousse Program (Little Chick Program), SNCF Développement.


These three (3) types of support will be offered and granted to the three (3) winning start-ups according to their ranking (from first to third) based on their need and ability to fulfil the eligibility criteria for each program as defined below.


Please note that only one type of support will be given to each start-up, and that each structure described below has only one spot.


*For the ScaleHub program, NUMA has veto power and reserves the right to accept or reject the candidacy of the winner at its sole discretion.


Eligibility criteria ScaleHub, Station F Numa:


  • 1/ Product Market Fit (*Mandatory)

The start-up that joins the incubator must already have launched a product that was adapted for its domestic market (not French market) by showing continuous growth over the course of the last six (6) months, in terms of revenue and customer acquisition.


  • 2 / Proven International Traction (* Bonus)

The Start-up has begun to go international or must prove that it has current international partnerships.


  • 3 / Market Attractiveness & Knowledge (* Bonus)

The Start-up must show an interest in the French market.


  • 4 / Roll-out planning (* Bonus)

The Start-up has already integrated an international plan for expanding sales abroad into its business plan.


  • 5 / Fundraising (* Bonus)

The Start-up has already raised a minimum of one million euros (€1 million) or has already shown strong potential for growth.


ACT 574 eligibility criteria,


  • Operating an active e-tourism business involving transportation or travel, or offering a product that is targeted towards improving the functioning of an e-commerce site (Bots, AI, etc.);


  • Having an online product with the first users or having developed a minimum viable product (MVP);


  • Having successfully completed a 1st fundraising round or being able to prove a certain financial stability;


  • Having a team of at least four (4) people, including a Chief Technical Officer (CTO);


  • Having the capability to perform a real trial with the product or service offered by the start-up (marketing trial, beta test, etc.);


  • Having participated in or currently participating in a complementary accelerator program or at least an incubator program.


Eligibility criteria for the Jeune Pousse program, SNCF Développement:

The project must be led by a team who have proven ability to work well together; who have a product/service that has already been taken to market; and who have the capability to step up to the challenges of the SNCF Group.

The following sectors will be given priority:

  • The manufacturing of the future: industry, robotics, drones, smart or connected items, artificial intelligence, Big data, etc.;
  • Sharing economy;
  • Circular economy;
  • Social minded or social assistance economy;
  • B2B digital solutions;
  • Employment and training.


  • Financing: Grants of fifteen thousand euros (€15 000), ten thousand euros (€10 000) and five thousand euros (€5 000) for finalists.


  • Promotional opportunities: Start-up finalists will have the opportunity to present their solution to the digital champions of SNCF.


  • Partnership/trials: The Organiser reserves the right to offer to form a partnership with one or more of the winning projects.


Please note that the rewards are cumulative: all projects that arrive at any of the selection phases will receive the corresponding reward.


The Winners will receive their Prize as described in these rules.


Winners will be notified via email that they have won the Prize within three (3) days of being selected. Winners will have a term of fifteen (15) days after receiving the aforementioned email with the announcement that they have won a Prize to notify the Organiser that they accept. Once that term is past, If they have not responded, Winners will be disqualified and will lose their Prize.


The Prize is subject to the general and specific conditions of the partners of the Organiser. The Prize is non transferable, may not be sold and may not be allocated to or assigned to any third party or parties. No objections may be filed in respect of the Prize; it may not be exchanged for its cash value; it may not be exchanged for any other prize. In order to claim the Prize, the Winner must provide any supporting document proving his identity and address to the Organiser upon request.


Without prejudice to any legal action and its authority to cancel the registration of the Participant in the Challenge, the Organiser is not obliged to award any prize to the Winner if any of the contact information of the Winner was incorrectly entered during registration, and/or if by any means, the Winner has managed to tamper with the results of the Challenge or has not followed these Rules.


The Organiser reserves the right to make changes to the Prize, although its face value will be the same.




There are two (2) official languages for participating in the Challenge, French and English. The official language of communication on the platform is French, and the French version will take precedence over the English version in the event of any discrepancy.


Please note that an English version of the Rules is also available and will be provided to all Participants upon written request sent to the Organiser. The English version is provided as a courtesy. Therefore, only the French version is valid for official purposes.



6.1 Confidentiality and Intellectual Property of the Participant


Because the Challenge has been organised by SNCF Mobilités, Participants agree to refrain from disclosing any information to which they may gain access in developing their project. Similarly, any trademarks and distinctive elements belonging to SNCF Group and the various partner companies involved in the Challenge are protected under intellectual and industrial property rights; Participants agree to refrain from infringing on these property rights in any manner whatsoever.


Participants also undertake to refrain from infringing on the rights of any third parties (trademarks, copyrights, patents, etc.), and to respect the confidentiality of the personal information and the rights of use of the image of any person who could be associated with or whose services may be used during their project.


The functional prototypes that come out of the Challenge fall under an intellectual property regime for the exclusive purchasing of rights. Therefore, the Participants undertake to refrain from disclosing any details regarding the projects for a certain period of time. The Organiser shall have the exclusive right to purchase the rights to the project during this period, after negotiation. Notwithstanding the foregoing, please note that any software developed by the partners of SNCF belongs to SNCF, which the Participants expressly accept.


By registering in the Challenge, the Participants expressly authorise the Organiser to publish, broadcast, publicise and disclose the projects presented during the Challenge, verbally, using graphics or in writing, and at no cost. Each Participant agrees to participate in publicising the event (book, website, etc.), and authorises the Organiser to present all of the work performed at no cost, on all of the media platforms related to this Challenge, mentioning the full names of the Participants and displaying their images. The Organiser must mention the first and last names of each Participant in the project when it is publicised.


If the Participant uses any free technology or open source software to provide the services, this must not reduce the rights of SNCF Mobilités, which must be able to freely use the deliverables under a proprietary license without the obligation to send any source code to third parties.


The Participant must identify the open source software so that a list can be given to SNCF Mobilités. 


Please note that ideas are free and as such, cannot be granted any specific protection. Only creations bearing the mark of the personality of their creator can be protected.


6.2 Confidentiality and Intellectual Property of the Organiser


The Organiser is the owner of all intellectual property rights in effect pertaining to the structure and contents of the Site (particularly tax, trademarks, logos, photographs, images, graphics, sounds, software, icons, page design, databases), or has legally acquired the rights enabling it to operate the structure and content of the Site, without any limitations, subject to specifically managing the contributions of the Participants.


The Participants are prohibited from copying, representing, adapting, modifying and/or using all or any part of the structure and contents of the Site in any manner whatsoever and for any purpose.


Failure to comply with these provisions could constitute trademark infringement and/or unfair or parasitic competition and anyone who fails to comply with these provisions may be held liable in civil or criminal proceedings.





The Participants warrant and represent to the Organiser when submitting their project and code (hereinafter referred to as the “Creations”), that they are the authors of all of the Creation submitted by them during the Challenge, that all Creations submitted comply with all laws and regulations in effect and do not infringe any third party rights, particularly any rights related to property, intellectual property (trademarks, domain names, author’s rights, neighbouring rights, sui generis producer rights for databases, etc.), personhood and especially the right to the name and image of the persons or assets represented on the Creations and/or attached to the Creations.


The Participants declare and warrant that they have all the necessary permits for the Organiser to operate the Creations, particularly any arising from persons who are represented on the Creations, owners of the assets represented in the Creations, artists who provided any artwork reproduce on the Creations and/or their rights holders, legal representatives, heirs and assigns. The Participants particularly guarantee that they have obtained the permits required from the relevant legal representatives, which are specific and explain the end goal of using the Creations during the Challenge in the event that the image of a minor is copied or used. On this point, the Participants undertake to provide written proof to the Organiser and to provide a copy of all written documents proving that the aforementioned permits have been obtained immediately upon the request of the Organiser.


Participants guarantee the Organiser it they will have full, complete enjoyment, free of any encumbrance, of all of the rights granted according to the terms of these Rules. Participants declare and warrant that they have not signed any contracts with third parties that could represent an obstacle to the publication of the Creation(s) that are the object of their participation. They guarantee and hold the Organiser harmless against any problems or claims or any eviction whatsoever, any lawsuit, trademark infringement suit, or claim related to image rights because of the information provided by them under the Rules.




No property rights are granted to the Participants for the APIs and/or data belonging to SNCF; the Participants will have only a limited right of use pursuant to the provisions of these Rules. SNCF Mobilités retains all ownership rights to any intellectual property pertaining to the APIs and/or SNCF data, and to all prerogatives related thereto; the Participants undertake to respect the aforementioned rights and prerogatives.


The Participants undertake to use the APIs and SNCF data made available to them by SNCF Mobilités according to the licensing regulations pertaining to each.


Furthermore, the Participants will only be authorised to use these APIs and SNCF data for the purposes of the Challenge, and therefore agree to refrain from:

  • using them for any purposes not related to the Challenge;
  • making any copies of the data or using the APIs and SNCF data for any other reasons than to participate in the Challenge.


After the Challenge is over, the Participants agree to discard any copies of the SNCF data to which they may have gained access in any manner whatsoever. Under no circumstances may any copy of the SNCF data, either partial or total, be retained by the Participants. Upon the request of SNCF Mobilités, the Participants must provide proof of destruction of the data and proof that they have not retained any of the SNCF data.





All projects must respect the ethical values of the SNCF Group ( Participants are hereby reminded that any type of plagiarism is forbidden.


Any project that fails to comply with these rules will be disqualified.


The following are reasons for which a project may be disqualified:

  • Incomplete dossier;
  • Dossier submitted after the deadline;
  • Members do not accept the Rules of the Challenge;
  • The project of a competitor in the Challenge has been plagiarised;
  • Members of a team or individuals show a disrespectful attitude towards other members of the team, other teams, the jury or the organisers of the Challenge;
  • Failure to show up for the phase where support is provided or the Demo Day;
  • Failure to comply with the rules for using the API and/or the data made available during the Challenge;
  • Failure to obey laws and regulations, particularly regarding intellectual property.





It is agreed that the data contained in the Information Systems of the Organiser constitute proof regarding connection and any data involved in computer processing related to the Challenge.





The Winner authorises the Organiser to use his first and last name, city and the department where he resides in its messages related to the Challenge, unless otherwise notified, irrespective of the media used to broadcast it (any printed document, press release, poster, over the Internet, including community sites), in continental France, for twelve (12) months beginning from the closing date of the Challenge; this use does not create any rights other than the prize that has been won.


The Organiser reserves the right to request that all Participants sign an agreement authorising their image to be used.





Any personal information gathered during the Challenge is processed by the Organiser, according to the French Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978. Processing this data enables the Organiser to manage the participation of the Participants in the Challenge, in particular to notify them if they have won a prize. The information gathered during the Challenge will not be used by the Organiser and/or its partners for any commercial purposes without prior authorisation.


Third-party emails gathered during the Challenge will not be kept by the Organiser, and will only be used to send the invitation for the Challenge; the emails will not be used for business prospecting. Participants are reminded that their personal information may potentially be sent to the business partners of the Organisers. All Participants have the right to be informed of, view, challenge and correct any information pertaining to them; they may exercise this right according to the French Data Protection Act by sending a letter to the Organiser to the following address:


SNCF Mobilités

Campus Wilson,

 9 rue Jean-Philippe Rameau,

93 633 La Plaine Saint Denis




13.1 Responsibilities of the Organiser


The responsibility of the Organiser is strictly limited to providing the prize(s) that have validly been won by the Winner(s). The Prize awarded to the Winner is managed by the partners of the Organiser. Under no circumstances may the Organiser be held liable for its partners’ potential failure to execute or properly execute the services for which they were contracted, or for any event that is the result of the actions of the Winners, or any unforeseeable event that is the result of a third party not involved with providing the services. The Organiser does not guarantee that the Platform is free of anomalies, errors or bugs.


Under no circumstances may the Organiser be held responsible for any failure to execute the obligations incumbent upon it according to these Rules, that is the result of an action by a Participant or an unforeseeable event caused by a third party not involved in fulfilling the obligations arising from these Rules, or any event of force majeure. Similarly, the Organiser is not responsible for any development defect, poor functioning, incompatibility with other computer programs installed on the hard disk of the computer of the participant, or in the event of the loss or modification of any of the data of the participant after participating in the Challenge.


The Organiser reserves the right to cut short, extend, delay, amend or annul these Rules if circumstances require this. Under no circumstances may it be held liable for such modifications. Under such circumstances, the Organiser will implement the techniques required to provide notice of the changes to the Participants via the platform. The Organiser will make every effort to ensure that participants have access to the Challenge at all times, but may not be obliged to ensure that this occurs. Any time, especially for technical reasons, updates, or maintenance, the Organiser may interrupt access to the Site and to the Challenge, or cancel the aforementioned Challenge. Under no circumstances may the Organiser be held liable for these interruptions or annulments and any consequences arising therefrom. The Organiser will implement all methods in partnership with its service providers to ensure that the system for determining the Winner and awarding the Prize is consistent with the Rules of the Challenge. If, despite these efforts, a defect occurs that affects the system for determining the Winner, the Organiser’s liability vis-a-vis the Participants will be limited to the value of the prize announced in the Challenge Rules.


13.2 Responsibilities of the Participant


Please note that the Participant and the Participant alone is responsible for ensuring that the information that he provides when registering for the Challenge is correct, especially his contact information; this will enable the Participant to participate in the Challenge and to be awarded the Prize that is won, as applicable. Participating in the Challenge means maintaining a sportsmanlike attitude and following these Rules. The Organiser reserves the right to disqualify any Participant and/or to withhold the Prize from any Participant who breaks the rules, especially by fraudulent means; in such a case, legal action may also be taken before the relevant courts.




Participating in the Challenge implies accepting these rules with no restrictions or reservations, and waiving any recourse against the decisions made by the Organiser. These rules are deposited before:


Mr Emmanuel MERARD

Court Bailiff

10, rue du Port

16100 Cognac


These rules may be amended at any time by the Organiser, by attaching a rider and subject to the conditions stated: an announcement of all riders must be published online on the Platform.


These Rules are available at no cost at the following URL,, where they may be viewed and printed. A copy of the Rules will be sent to any Participant at no cost (one request per Participant), by sending a written request to the following address before the closing date of the Challenge (postage stamp serves as proof of date):

SNCF Mobilité – VSC Technologies

Concours MoveTech - Brice Guillart

2, place de la Défense– CNIT 1 – BP 440

92053 Paris La Défense Cedex


The postage fees required to send the request for the rules will be reimbursed upon a written request at the economy postage rate in effect. The reimbursement will be made by wire transfer and sent within sixty (60) days of receiving the request, after it is verified as legitimate.




These Rules are written in French and governed by French law.


Any objection or a claim related to the Challenge must be sent in writing to the following address:


SNCF Mobilité – VSC Technologies

Concours MoveTech - Brice Guillart

2, place de la Défense– CNIT 1 – BP 440

92053 Paris La Défense Cedex


Any complaints or claims regarding the Challenge must be made within one (1) month of the date of the Challenge to be valid.


Any dispute that cannot be settled out of court will be subject to the competent courts in Paris.


SNCF Mobilités reserves the right to postpone, shorten or cancel the Challenge for any reason whatsoever, and may not be held liable by the Participants in that event.


Additions or amendments may be published during the Challenge. They will be considered as appendices to these Rules and will be considered an integral part thereof.