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API presentation

SNCF puts in the disposal of developper an API that allows them to access theorical and real-time train schedules and times of the French railway network. The API offers several functions, notably the calculations of itineraries, consultations of train schedules, next train passages in a train station or traffic disturbances on the railway network.




You must authenticate to use SNCF API. When you register we give you an authentication key to the API. You must use the Basic HTTP authentication, where the username is the key, and without password. Username: copy / paste your keyPassword: leave the field blank



Important note: The SNCF API based on Navitia software. Navitia is an Open Source software developed by Kisio Digital. To see the last update, please go to Navitia ( All the examples that it contains refer to this API. Since it is based on the same technology, do not forget to change the first part of the URL in order to call the right API. Here is an example:

If the documentation

shows this request

Use case

SNCF transports 10 million passengers every day. To accomplish this mission means to produce and analyse a very large number of data : scheduled timetables and real-time timetables, equipment and services at the train station, punctuality of trains, accessibility at train stations, etc. SNCF’s API constitutes an accelerator for innovation in the service of a more informed, more fluent and personalized mobility


SNCF proposes several use cases:


  • Accompanying passengers (progression, optimisation and valorisation of travel time)
  • Management of crowds in the trains and train stations according to real-time traffic
  • Informing the passengers about the new means (chatbot, robotics, domotics)
  • Combining of passenger information with other sectors (tourism, real-estate)