AIANext100: The Guardians Challenge

Searching for the next team of student superheroes to imagine our future

This challenge is only open to students residing in Hong Kong & Macau


If your superpower was to change the world over the next 100 years...


Through innovative design thinking and incorporation of AIA Hong Kong’s resources, supported by the latest technology, imagine the world in 100 years time! Your mission is to prepare for the next generations and plan for the growing number of megacities in the world.



77% of Mega Cities will be from the developing world, in particular, Asia.


A megacity is a city with a population of over 8 million people and a GDP of more than $250 bn.

It is predicted that by 2025, there will be 35 megacities in the world, of which 77% will be in the developing world and mainly in Asia. For example, China already has three megacities - Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou - while more cities, such as Hangzhou, Chongqing, Shenzhen, are on track to becoming megacities. In fact, the Greater Bay Area of Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Macao where we live could be classified as a mega-city today! 

With so many people living in increasing close proximity, megacities bring a host of new opportunities and challenges. From the healthcare needs of aging population, to the desire to save and spend money, to new ways customer service must be redesigned to accommodate millions of users, to creating strong social ties through shared interest in physical activity, we want you to focus on the radical ways that our services today will be reimagined. Read below for ideas and inspiration in four thematic categories AIA will focus on during this innovation challenge.






How can we leverage data and create new products to delight our customers and make their lives healthier, safer and more fulfilling?

How can we enhance human-to-human and AIA-to-customer connection?

How can we maintain and achieve quality of life - the wants and goals (not limited to: performance, health, financial and mental wellness)

#Exercise #Security #Family





How can we leverage data and design new experiences to satisfy (and predict) our customer’s demands, claims and communications?

How can we effectively meet the demands of redistributed demographics with the help of technology and data?

How can we prepare to answer to the ever-evolving customer servicing needs considering human attachment to convenience in an automated world?

#VirtualAssistants #Feedback #FastClaims





How can we leverage data and create new products to keep our customers (and their family) safe and improve the quality of care they receive?

In addition to the basic protection needs, what will customers find valuable and how to prepare for the changes to come?

How can we improve the lives of those prone to non-communicable diseases?

#IoT #HealthMonitoring #RealTimeAlerts #HealthTech





How can we protect our customers information, while opening the doors to a wider AIA ecosystem that can?

How can we leverage on synergies and opportunities in a connected world?

How can we solve concerns around customer data privacy, safety and potential ethical issues?

#APIs #DataPrivacy #Blockchain #AppStores