Global Earth Observation Challenge

Come up with new business ideas based on Satellite Data!



See below all the resources available to build upon your ideas!






Airbus imagery, data and services are provided to participants through the YouMapps registration platform available on


This Data Sandbox contains:


  • Very large imagery datasets available online or for download: City of Sao Paulo, City of Toulouse, State of California
  • Machine Learning datasets: planes and ships signatures and imagery
  • Various API: OneAtlas for Innovation, Universal Earth Observation Catalog


Access to the datasets is provided to the participants after registering their personal information, describing their project and validating of the Technical Evaluation Licences.


If doesn’t give you what you expected, you can also find raw data on our sample imagery page with other Optical Imagery, Radar Imagery and Data and Elevation Models / 3D.


NB: Can't find the Dataset you're looking for but you have a great idea to suggest? Let us know by writting us a message directly from your working space. We will try to help you into finding the Dataset that will match your project!




Other Datasets


Free Earth Observation Data:

o   Sentinel Online -

o   Landsat -

(Please note that Sentinel-2 and LandSat-8 are also available through YouMapps Cloud Catalog API)

o   Modis -

Location based services:

o   Open Street Map -

o   Here -

Weather Data: Accu Weather API -


AIS Data: Marine Traffic -

Cities Open Data: 

o   Toulouse Metropole Open Data -

o   San Francisco Open Data -

Open Data Portal: Open Data Soft -


And all you can find elsewhere (drones & UAVs, GPS,...)