Global Earth Observation Challenge

Come up with new business ideas based on Satellite Data!

Relive the Final Ceremony of the Airbus GEO Challenge!

Airbus GEO Challenge Final!

The Final of the Airbus GEO Challenge took place on Friday, October 20th at the PlayLab of Airbus DS in Toulouse!

The 6 finalist teams pitched their project in front of a Jury made of top management and experts from Airbus.

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And the winners are...

Orbital Witness

The winning British start-up Orbital Witness proposes to use satellite imagery to provide a new perspective for legal due diligence in real estate

Edmond Boulle, Entrepreneur & Lawyer (IP Specialist)



The Dutch Start-up tracks and predicts the human footprint in forests

Anniek Schouten and Indra Den Bakker, Data Scientist and Founder at 23Insights.



The Australian Start-up creates new landscape intelligence by fusing a variety of remote sensing data to identify where the environmental risks and opportunities occurred in the past, where they are today, and project where they will occur in the future.

Benjamin Starkey, CEO at Ozius and Alisa Starkey, Founder and Chief Science Officer at Ozius.


URSA Space Systems Inc.

The American Start-up utilizes radar satellite data to deliver global and unbiased economic intelligence to energy and financial enterprises, providing reliable information about areas of the world that are traditionally opaque.

Derek Edinger, VP Strategic Partnerships, Co-founder at Ursa.



The Italian Start-up enhances position appeal for boosting business locations and helps people find their ideal place to live by rating the quality of life.

Angela Corbari, Co-Founder & COO presso STUDIOMAPP.



The French Start-up uses satellite imagery to support the ecological transition of cities

Antoine Lefebvre, Founder at Kermap.