ASEAN Tech Awards 2019

Innovative Solutions to Transform the Future

This competition is open to startups in the ASEAN region.

Innovate to Pioneer Nutritional Solutions

How to identify allergens and collect real-time data
Adverse irritations on a child’s skin can be the indication of an ongoing allergic reaction. This also generate stress in parents, which are typically unable to identify what is causing the reaction: it could be food, dust or other allergens in the environment. Such critical situations are more likely to occur when the child is in a new place and/or potentially exposed to new food.

Your Mission

How can Danone help parents identify potential allergens and collect real-time data on allergy skin reaction?
We are looking for innovative technologies/tools that could help enhancing the detection and tracking of skin adverse reactions, which a specific focus on the ones potentially caused by allergy.
Identify/propose technologies that could help with one more more of the following tasks:
  • Advise on the level of severity of skin reactions, including the ones caused by allergy
  • Track the evolution over time of skin reactions (ie: Generate historical data to enhance diagnosis by health care practitioners)
  • Suggest potential mitigation solutions
  • Educate parents on the meaning of skin reactions, including the ones caused by allergy

Key Capabilities

  1. Scientific Feasibility
    How scientifically defendable is the solution, from the point of view of the generated outcome? E.g: Is there scientific evidence to prove validity of the solution
  2. Problem statement & value proposition
  3. Core technologies: Advantage over existing solutions
  4. Go-to-market strategy: Main challenges to face during development
  5. Methods of material, prototype or Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for testing within 18 months
  6. Team experience and skillset


Total SGD2500 of cash to be used towards travel accommodation or others

3 hours of dedicated sessions with Danone aimed at discussing with the winning team on strategies for implementation and/or improvement of the solution. Optionally, to define partnership strategy.
(Value: SGD1000)