Clarins Marketing Challenge

Get creative with the No. 1 prestige skin care brand in Europe!

Final Event

The Final Event of the Clarins Marketing Challenge successfully took place on Tuesday, June 4th at Tencent WeStart in Kwun Tong, Hong Kong.
We invited the top management from Clarins to be the panel to judge the ideas and presentations from the top 10 finalist teams, which were:

Beauty marketing erudite, CreativeOneS, Hygge!, KONGAROO, Miss. Aphrodite, Nadaship, Nourishland, Team Sha Tsui, The Pace Maker, We Talk A Lot.
HUGE thank you to all our finalists as they gave their full effort and dedication in preparing for the final showdown in the last few months.


Top 3 Teams

Congratulations to the 3 winning teams of the Clarins Marketing Challenge!
Congratulations to Kelly Guo, Helena Zhao, Qingqing Li of We Talk A Lot for winning the grand prize of HK $50,000!

1ST RUNNER-UP: The Pace Maker
Congratulations to Hoi Ching Tam, Lok Man Ma, Chun Pong Hon, and Jinghong Jian of The Pace Maker for winning the 2nd prize of HK $10,000!
Congratulations to Oi Ting Kwok. Jacky Yu, Yu On Tang, and Shu Ting Cheng of KONGAROO for winning the 3rd prize of HK $5,000!