Cloudy Day Challenge

The Undergraduate Economics Council, the Management and Economics Student Association and Amazon Web Services


AWS is always on the lookout to hire the best students from around the world! We have teamed up with AWS's student recruitment team to give the participants of the Cloudy Day Challenge a chance to get their resume considered for AWS jobs around the world! Using the link below, you and your entire team can upload your resume along with the roles you are interested in.
If you are interested in working for one of AWS’s clients, please check out the Jobs Section on your AWS Educate account, update your work experience on the profile tab and turn on your profile to allow recruiters to view your profile.
Submit your resume here.

*Please note, you will need to sign in to your google account to upload your resume


We understand that for many students, this challenge may seem like a daunting task. So we have partnered with Agorize to make available to ALL teams the mentorship feature! This feature is not the prize of the case and it is available to all participants to increase the chances of your team winning. These mentors are not from AWS or Amazon and are leaders in the technology and business world volunteering their time to help develop the ideas they like the most. You are encouraged to seek out mentorship from people within your own professional/personal circles!

However, there is one rule for the use of mentors. They must be registered on Agorize as a mentor, for statistical purposes. We will be collecting data on your idea, and will be using it to help AWS and the Cloudy Day Team make better challenges and plan for the future! We will also be using the data for academic purposes to further analyze the outcomes of teams, from their inception, until the end of the competition. Please reach out to us if you have found a mentor and we will process their application as soon as possible.