Above The Rim Challenge

Meet up with Decathlon and start collaborating on the future of connected Basket Ball.

Our vision & mission

Decathlon's mission and vision have always been to make sports fun & accessible to everyone.

We are dreaming of tomorrow's basket and need you to achieve it!

Connectivity is soon going to involve a major part of our product ranges. To achieve this, we aim to find partners to collaborate on some of the key functionalities.

The objective here is to help basketball players practice their skills, compete against friends and share it with other members of the community.

This objective brings us today to be seeking for outstanding startups with whom we could collaborate to design the future of Basket Ball through connectivity.

Participate in this challenge and get your chance to pitch your startup idea in front of our Shenzhen leadership team and start a collaboration!


Our current constraints

To achieve a product appealing to everyone

Our core objective is to propose an affordable solution (Whether it is a movement/impact sensor, trajectory calculation, or data visualization solution. The only concern is that this product should only aim at our core users. 

Also, the basket should bring a new & fun breath to the game, enabling the player to interact with a community of users, measure his/her improvements and compete against friends, other members of this community or even the basket itself!

Therefore, the device/solution should deliver accurate information while bringing basketball to another level of interaction at an accessible price.

Categories you can choose from


Capture and treat data from the action created by the players to enrich his/her general experience.


Aggregate and exploit data on player placement, shooting accuracy or any other data related aspects to provide an augmented basketball experience.


To the top 5 teams selected for the Demo day.


Get a chance to confront your idea to industry experts' visions and get notified.


If it appears that your idea appeals to Decathlon's team, it could be the start of further collaborations.


Being on-boarded in this initiative will give you the chance to stand out and meet relevant key decision makers from your industry.

Timeline of the challenge

all steps to come.

May 2018

Demo Day Location - Decathlon's Office
Be selected to pitch your idea to Decathlon's management team.
To be confirmed