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Elia Group wants to work with you to improve electricity generation and consumption forecasting!

Elia Group

A Group of leading TSOs (transmission system operators) at the heart of the European electricity system The Elia Group encompasses two major transmission system operators (TSOs) in two European regions: Elia Transmission in Belgium and 50Hertz Transmission, one of the four German TSOs in north-east Germany.

Both TSOs operate at the heart of the European electricity system as they provide vital links between the various electricity producers and their 30 million end users. The Group’s high voltage network, with its intricately meshed 18,300 km grid, transports the electricity generated by the producers to the distribution system operators and major industrial consumers. In addition, interconnectors with several neighboring countries allow electricity trade in wider European energy markets.

In addition to its TSO activities in Belgium and Germany, the Elia Group offers a wide range of consultancy and top level engineering services on the international energy market through its fully owned subsidiary Elia Grid International (EGI). EGI develops power system projects for third parties and looks into the possibilities of investment opportunities in foreign electricity systems. The Elia Group operates under the legal entity Elia System Operator, a listed company on the Brussels Stock Exchange Euronext since 2005.


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