Faster Mind Challenge 3rd edition

How to challenge logistics to contribute to a sustainable world?

Sustainable development is a real opportunity for FM Logistic, a resolutely innovative and growth-oriented group focused on new markets and new offers, to differentiate itself. This third edition of the Faster Mind challenge aims to reveal ideas for a sustainable supply chain.

Reduce activities' carbon footprint,
Cut down energy consumption,
Develop green offers for customers,
Ensure health & safety for the group's employees…
Your objective is to propose innovative solutions to meet the challenges of tomorrow's supply chain!

A range of prizes for the best projects!

- for International Final teams -

  • 1

    Electric scooter

    1st prize
  • 2

    Google Home

    2nd prize
  • 3

    Nutri bullet

    3th prize
  • 4

    Green traveler

    4rd prize
  • 5

    Solar power bank

    5th prize


1st prize

An electric scooter for every member of the team or the equivalent value of 400€ in gift vouchers



2nd prize

A Google Home for every member of the team or the equivalent value of 150€ in gift vouchers



3th prize

A Nutri Bullet for every member of the team or the equivalent value of 100€ in gift vouchers



4rd prize

A Green Traveler for every member of the team or the equivalent value of 55€ in gift vouchers

GreenTraveler is an all-in-one meal box that can hold an entire hot meal. Ecological, robust, nomadic it is an innovative and very practical object.



5th prize

A Solar power bank for every member of the team or the equivalent value of 30€ in gift vouchers

Platforms to redesign

NG Concept, the integrated engineering building partner of FM Logistic, builds the platforms. In order to improve the environmental footprint of its constructions, propose solutions to make these buildings positive by using innovative, intelligent materials and renewable energy equipment ... buildings must be better integrated into the environment; whether they are urban hubs on the outskirts of cities or platforms in rural areas, it is necessary to link health, economy, and respect for biodiversity.

Innovate warehouse

Inside warehouses different aspects of day to day life can be improved such as storage and co-packing. Make sure to reduce the energy cost of these activities by reducing the need for raw materials, by optimizing packaging, by using less energy-consuming machines... Think also of the Group's employees; it is necessary for their working environment to be ergonomic and performant.

Come up with tools that improve working conditions and facilitate physical activities. Free your imagination!

Workflow and trafic to reshape

In order to deliver to our customers on time, there are many trucks on the road.
To reduce the ecological impact, find solutions that make transportation more sustainable forlong-haul or urban logistics: optimize travel and truck loading, promote more responsible driving, use vehicles with alternative energies...
Also, to meet the challenges of reverse logistics (return management) or waste treatment, inspire by circular economy model.

International Final in Paris