2018 Graduate Design Awards

Design students: give your final degree project a second life!

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Use your final project from your degree to
get yourself noticed & achieve your dreams

Are you a design student? Have you worked for months on end, pouring your heart and soul into a successful and innovative end-of-degree project? Do you think that it would be a shame to leave your project to gather dust at the bottom of a drawer after you finally get your degree? Then join the 2018 Graduate Design Awards adventure for the chance to showcase your work and dive into the real world!

The aim of the Graduate Design Awards is to begin a creative collaborative process between young designers and businesses. The Awards are designed to help bring student projects to life and identify the talent of tomorrow! 

Because we value collaboration, you'll keep 100% of the intellectual property rights to your project. So what are you waiting for? Wether you're a French student or an international student, now is the time to get yourself noticed and work with the world's best companies! 

How do I take part?

Click the "Participate" button and submit your application by filling out your participation form before the 14 October 2018. Just choose from one of the 6 themes below.


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Learn about the themes

Space planning

Interior and/or exterior design of public spaces and shared and/or private homes.

Graphic design

Marketing design for a brand or product: visual identity, publishing, print and/or digital communication, static/animated, etc.

Product design

The design of everyday objects, combining aesthetics and functionality.


Packaging volume and graphic design.


Interior architectural design for sales and service premises.

Service design

The design of new user-focused services (products, interfaces, pathways).

Price for the winners

The 6 winners  (1 per category) will join a 6-month incubation programme at Creative Valley to help them develop and market their project!

The 6 winners  (1 per category) will 6 months of mentoring from a senior designer (a member of the Jury or of the Design Sourcing Pool).

The designer will offer their support to the winner, helping them to develop their project through a monthly meeting.

The 6 winners (1 per category) will be Jury members at the 2019 Graduate Design Awards.

It’s a real opportunity to develop your network and be seen as an expert!