Industry 4.0 - Startup Challenge

Imagine new solutions and prototypes around tomorrow’s industry.

How to ensure compliance
with operating procedures?

Industry 4.0 stands for the next phase of industrial production technology and curiously also for building a bridge between manual and state-of-the-art technology, because production always begins and ends with people. In order to satisfy customers faster and more cost-effectively, a number of custom-made solutions, with batch sizes as low as one is more and more often required.


What's your challenge?

Imagine innovative cost-savings solutions to help operators to deal with manual assembly tasks given the density of their activities: product variety, make-to-order production, multi-products manufacturing cells.


What's your mission?

Improve operating procedures in order to minimise the risk of error.


Topics to consider:
Control panel (MMI),
Activity tracking,
Personalised assistance,
Comparative benchmark,
 Collect activity of each operator.

Identify innovative cost-saving solutions in order to

Assembly Cell Supply

Guide the operator in finding the right components to supply at the right place in the assembly cell from a proximity store according to a repository (bill of material).

Assembly Sequence

Guide the operator in the assembly sequence (operating range) by ensuring the consumption of the right components according to a repository.

Control Operations

Ensure that control operations have been carried out to prohibit the packaging of an uncontrolled product.

Product Packaging

Guarantee that the product packaging is complete (products, accessories, labels, instructions, leaflets).