Industry 4.0 - Startup Challenge

Imagine new solutions and prototypes around tomorrow’s industry.

What will the car of 2030 be like?
Dream on!

The use and habits change so new services appear, with time for pleasure, useful time on-board. Tomorrow, the automotive world will be split between: using vehicles for oneself and the new ‘mobility business’ models such as the ride sharing, the car sharing, the multiple use of cars and car rentals services developed for multi-modality…

On March 26th, 2018, Novares will reveal its 3rd generation demo car, "Nova Car#1", among which 17 innovations focus on plastronics, connected and ergonomic components integrated into the vehicle, smart surfaces. To go beyond, to improve this demonstrator in line with new technologies and digital evolutions, Novares would like to collaborate with start-ups all overworld to find the next applications of these solutions.


Food for thought:  Novares' expectations!


Questions to ask yourself?
What would you dream about to enhance the demo car?

Which solutions so the vehicle communicates better with the inside world - passenger, driver (HMI)?
Which solutions so the vehicle communicates with the outside world - the street, the environment, the pedestrian, the bike, the motorcycle, the other vehicles, the people looking for my Uber or BlaBlaCar?

We are looking for proposals on 3 axes

New Product/Application

Around Novares solutions to integrate into the vehicle.

New Economic Models

For all the stakeholders of the sector.

New Industrial Processes

That will allow parts to be integrated more effectively and at a lower cost.