International Creatineer Competition

Annual AI and Robotics competition jointly organized by SIASUN and HKSTP.

This Competition is now over, find out about the results here!


International Track

After 9.5 weeks, we have arrived at the final stage. During the span of the competition, we have received more than 70 submissions across 4 continents! We thank all the robotic lovers for their enthusiasm in participating in the International Creatineer Competition 2019!
At the final revision stage, our 4 Investor Judges from HKX, HBCC Investment, HKSTP Corporate Venture Fund, and Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund evaluated all the pitching videos submitted by the 8 Finalists. The results were as close as we've ever seen with some differences of less than one full point! Finally, here is the finalized ranking:

1st Techssisted Surgical
2nd BionicM Inc.
3rd Scaled Robotics
4th EAGLYS, Inc.
5th WeavAir
6th Warden Machinery
7th Ashutosh Chouksey
8th RTFaceDeep
Congratulations again to the 8 Finalists for receiving their various investments, Tencent cloud credits and more!
Once again, on behalf of HKSTP and SIASUN, we would like to thank all the participating teams and we are looking forward to seeing you again in the next edition!