We want to support Ukrainian refugees to find a job in Europe. This will allow them to choose a safe destination and go through these difficult times. We aim to help them regain a small part of their homeland and life that has just been stolen.

One goal: help refugees from Ukraine in finding a job

You have already left or are planning to leave Ukraine. We want to help you get a job to find a sense of stability during this war.


Our partner companies are ready to welcome anyone with skills in:

  • Technology: product or project management, software engineering, data, tech architecture, cybersecurity or any other tech-related positions
  • Construction: engineer, architects and field workers
  • Retail: customer relationships, sales, logistics, warehouse work
  • Hospitality & catering: waiters, cooks, doormen, receptionists or any relevant jobs from this sector
  • Healthcare & homecare: social workers, caregivers or any other health-related workers


We also welcome other resumes, we keep on reaching out to new companies everyday!


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