Digitization of retail and omnichannel in lotteries

This challenge is over. You can see the winners here !

Digitization of retail and omnichannel in lotteries

Think your startup could help to digitize point of sale? Take part in the startup challenge launched by six biggest national lotteries and you'll have the chance to come to Paris and pitch your project to their CEOs, directors and employees!

More than €40,000 will be given to startups in the form of business trials and prize money. What's more, a host of business meetings will be organized, giving you the chance to meet lottery decision-makers. This challenge is a unique opportunity that could get your startup off the ground through tens of thousands of point of sale (POS) across the whole of Europe!

What's in it for the selected Startups ?

Available to all entrants: the chance to pitch in front of an audience including CEOs and directors from six major national lotteries

  • 1st
  • 2nd
  • 3rd

One team will have the opportunity to experiment their product financed up to 15.000€.

Meetings with FDJ's decision-makers will be organized. 


A meeting will be organized specially for the winning startup to meet Camelot top management.



15.000€ to develop a Proof of Concept with Camelot. The results will be shared with all the lotteries involved in the challenge so that the winner can also be identified and contacted by them!



8.000€ to develop your startup.



4.000€ to develop your startup.


Six of the biggest national European lotteries: FDJ (France), Danske Spil (Danmark), Norsk Tipping (Norway), Svenska Spel (Sweden), Veikkaus (Finland) and Camelot (UK) have decided to meet annually to share their innovation best practices.

This year, an entire day will be dedicated to the most promising startups. One purpose: enable these startups to collaborate with major companies to experiment their solutions across their tens of thousands point of sale (POS) across Europe.

Prior to that innovation Summit, lotteries are launching a call for application of Startups on a common thematic: Digitization of retail & omnichannel.

To participate in the challenge, your startup must apply to at least one of the 3 following categories.

Your startup can submit a project to one or several of these categories.

Retail experience

If your startup has the skills to use digital technology to make lottery point of sale more attractive or to modernize the customer experience, then this category is for you.

Seamless experience

If your startup helps to make the omnichannel customer experience more flexible with a seamless blend between the POS and digital technology, then this category is for you.

Data analytics in point of sale

This category is focused on startups that can collect POS data and use it effectively.

Here are a few examples of business solutions that can fit these 3 problematics

Don't stick too closely to these examples

Retail experience

  • You increase POS interaction (via smartphones or POS terminals, for example).
  • You have imagined an in-store digital experience that customers can’t find anywhere else.
  • You use digital technology to modernize the POS, boost its attractiveness, and make people want to come inside.
  • You use digital tools within the POS to remind customers of other channels and to attract them at key moments.
  • You use digital tools to help the retailer in the POS
  • You have imagined a digital game for a shop that the clients can’t find anywhere else


Seamless experience

  • You create a new online experience (e.g. digitalization of certain in-store services, digitalized currency, gamification, etc.)
  • You provide a solution that transitions seamlessly between the POS and the digital world by offering services to the customer at various points in their experience (payment, etc.)
  • You ensure that all POS aspects are part of an overall customer experience where digital tools play a central role
  • A game that can be played in a retail and digital environment
  • A digital game or solution that drives people to retail?
  • A digital game that is promoted within the retail environment?
  • A retail game that has an additional / alternative digital element?


Data analytics at point of sale 

  • How can more data be captured in-store? (e.g. Bluetooth terminals, WiFi)
  • How can we develop our knowledge of players at the point of sale by collecting anonymous data?
  • How can we use and exploit the data we collect?


Keep in mind

Lottery companies are faced with a number of specific requirements, and you'll have to take these into account to provide the most relevant response to the challenge.

  • Point of sale don't belong directly to lotteries
  • Point of sale differ from country to country. They may be very small businesses (e.g. tobacconists or newsagents) as well as be located in very large retail stores
  • The products sold are inexpensive, with very low margins (around a few centimes per sale)
  • The aim isn't to replace point of sale but to find ways to modernize distribution methods within the network alongside digital channels
  • This is a regulated profession. Of course, we don't expect you to know the precise legislation in force in each country – just keep this fact in mind.
  • Customers must play responsibly

And of course, visiting point of sale to understand their environment is essential!

Click here to read the guidelines of the challenge !


Grand Final at Chantilly during the Paris Innovation Summit

The 9 selected Startups will pitch in front of the CEOs and directors from six of the major European lottery companies.

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