Challenge Mr.Bricolage - Startup

Revolutionize the Mr.Bricolage customer experience by combining the strengths of digital technology and the store network!

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Startuppers, revolutionize the Mr.Bricolage customer experience
- by combining the strengths of digital
technology and the store network! -

Is your startup developing a product or service that brings together the digital and physical worlds for a completely new approach to the customer experience? Then this challenge is for you!

Mr.Bricolage is giving you the chance to boost your solution with support from the brand's employees. You could have the chance to enter into commercial partnerships and roll out your solution.

Do you work in fields such as payment, the IoT, geolocation, or big data? New practices, apps, mobile payment, smart devices, delivery, and more – if you're an innovator with smart solutions to offer, you could take the top spot...

Submit your project!

At stake for the winning startups

The winning startups that will access the podium will win financial endowment:

- 2000€ for the 1st startup

- 1000€ for the 2nd

- 500€ for the 3rd 

The winning startups will be well positioned to make Mr.Bricolage one of your clients!

Partner up with Mr.Bricolage to reach new clients!

Pitch your startup in front of Mr.Bricolage top management and benefit from a privileged time to discuss with decision maker!  

There are a number of possible ways you could approach this issue:

The in-store customer experience

Revolutionize the customer experience within the brand's stores!

The web-to-store

Propose solutions that make the web into an additional route to sales locations.

The omnichannel customer experience

Propose a new approach to create a cross-platform customer experience.

Does your project focus on
the customer experience and the digital world?


Businesses need to find new solutions to offer customers new experiences when they visit sales locations. New tools (smart devices, augmented reality, digital tools, etc.) can provide an experience that sets retailers apart and help to support buyers in new ways.


Over to you to create a customer experience at the crossroads between digital technology and physical points of sale!


How can you encourage customers to move from the website to the store? How can you reduce the border between online and physical networks? How can you provide a more fluid experience? How can you use these new tools to transform the customer experience? How can you increase points of contact with customers and how can the customer relationship be extended?

From locating items to payment, put the customer experience at the heart of your proposal and create the customer practices of the future!


Don't delay – join the challenge!

The Mr.Bricolage brand

With 420 sales locations in 12 countries, the brand unites independent local traders who work to improve customers' homes. Mr.Bricolage is a network of solidarity-minded entrepreneurs – local traders whose aim is to make our homes and gardens more pleasant to be in while also addressing local issues.

Its local stores offer advice and products with a human touch, with sales employees using their expertise to help guide customers towards the right solutions.

Through its five store types, Mr.Bricolage meets its customers' needs and creates strong local bonds:

City: City-centre stores
"S": Small stores of under 800 m2
"M": Stores of around 2500 m2 located on the outskirts of towns and cities
"L":Covering almost 4500 m2, these offer the most comprehensive range
"XL": Stores of over 6000 m2, most of which are located in France's overseas departments


The final will take place in Greece!

The finalsits will have the chance to present their startup during Mr.Bricolage Congress in Greece!

A great journey to take part in!

Mr.Bricolage's purpose

We are a network of solidarity-minded entrepreneurs, local traders united around our brand and driven by our love for the business. More than just a store, Mr.Bricolage is a hive of activity, sharing and interaction. Offering Home and Garden ranges, it takes changing lifestyles into account and has a personalized relationship with its customers.

"Mr.Bricolage is the leading local independent retailer in the home and garden design and decoration market. The group's strategy remains centred on independent traders. At Mr.Bricolage, we are traders at heart, working in human-scale stores where everyone knows each other."

Paul Cassignol, Chairman of Mr.Bricolage.