OCP Data Challenge

Startups, submit your suggestions to innovate through data.

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This challenge is open to startups worldwide


Faced with a world that’s constantly changing and being revolutionized by new technologies, OCP Group wants to accelerate its digital transformation by making better use of data.  
In this context, and in keeping with its ambitions to be a national and international leader, OCP Group is looking for innovative startups working in the field of data to forge partnerships and to develop new solutions – as well as to help startups boost their potential! 

Up for grabs in this challenge



For the 3 winning startups:
Funding for a POC worth up to €50k for each winning startup!


For all finalists:
Travel expenses for the final will be fully covered by OCP Group for all finalists (flights + accommodation).


For al finalists:
Each finalist will benefit from a field of experimentation to deploy his POC.


For all finalists:
All finalists will benefit from the professional opportunities through privileged access to OCP experts and its network.


For all finalists:
All finalists will benefit from the OCP ecosystem.

What’s up for grabs


If your startup is chosen as one of the finalists, you’ll be invited to submit your idea to OCP Group’s management team and its experts at the Grand Final in Morocco. 

Up for grabs: a POC of up to €50k for each of the winning startups so they can trial their solution with the aim of an operational launch before winter 2019. Based on whether this is successful, more in-depth partnerships could be considered.

Our areas of focus

Theme 1: Supply Chain


Theme 2: Customers & Farmers


Theme 3: Employee experience


Other: Submit your ideas


Join us on this adventure!


To optimize its operational model and develop new business models, OCP Group is on the lookout for the most ingenious innovations to accelerate its transformation. Industry 4.0, performance management, integrated supply chain, new services for farmers, new employee experiences, and more. 

Industry 4.0, performance management, integrated supply chain, new services for farmers, new employee experiences, and more,...

Take up the challenge and submit your data-centric innovative solutions to OCP Group to create the future of the industry together.

Your mission?


Choose one of the topics and share your innovative ideas and projects with us to help OCP Group to accelerate its digital transformation through the use of data.


Show how your solution could be rolled out and implemented within the group.






Candidates can use open-source databases to present innovative models or services that use new technologies linked to data science/machine learning/deep learning/natural language processing.Les candidats peuvent avoir recours aux bases de données en open source pour présenter des modèles ou services innovants utilisant les nouvelles technologies de data science / machine learning / deep learning / natural language processing.



Examples of open-source sites:

Final in Morocco

OCTOBER 4th 2019

The finalist startups will have the opportunity to pitch in front of a jury