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The 2 aerodromes concerned:

Toussus-le-Noble and Lognes-Emerainville


1st aerodrome in Ile-de-France and 5th French airport in terms of number of movements
  • Location: Toussus-le-Noble aerodrome is located in the Yvelines department, 6 km southwest of Versailles and 20 km from Paris. 
  • It has two parallel runways. The first runway, oriented East-West, is equipped with a landing aid system for night flight and precision approaches. 
  • History: The airfield of Toussus-le-Noble was used from 1907 by the Farman brothers and Robert Esnault-Pelterie. It is only in 1946 that Paris Airport takes over the aerodrome. Since 1947, it welcomes leisure and business aviation.
  • Activities: The Toussus-le-Noble airfield is the 4th largest business and leisure aviation aerodrome in France. It is part of a bold development project for the Paris metropolis of the 21st century launched by the French government in 2009.
The Toussus-le Noble airfield hosts:
✓ 8 aeroclubs
✓ 12 aeronautical companies
✓ 3 airlines for public passenger transport
✓ Innovative companies
  • Area: The aerodrome is located on a 166-hectare plot of land. It has more than 1,000 m² of office space and the proximity of Airparc, a 3,000 m² economic activity area, reinforces its appeal.



2nd largest aerodrome in Ile-de-France and 10th largest in France in terms of number of movements
  • Location: Lognes-Emerainville aerodrome is located in the Seine-et-Marne department, 1.5 km south of Lognes and 28 km east of Paris. It is therefore only 25 minutes from the capital.
  • History: The Lognes-Emerainville aerodrome has been open to public air traffic since 1947. It is the first private light aviation aerodrome in France. Moreover, its proximity to 5 aerodromes gives it a particularly attractive status for the neighboring flying schools.
  • Activities: It is used for leisure and tourism activities (light aviation and helicopter), it is a controlled civil aerodrome, open to private aircraft in visual flight, during the day only. It has the particularity to have in its bosom the AGILE, an inter-club management association born in 1983 where each aeroclub keeps its identity. The purpose of this association is to manage the operation and maintenance of 25 to 30 aircraft of the different members, thanks to the knowledge and skills of professional pilots.
The Lognes Emerainville airfield hosts:

✓ 7 aeroclubs
✓ 4 aeronautical societies
The airfield is equipped with a control tower. 
  • Area: The airfield is located on a land area of 87 hectares