Propel Student Challenge

Imagine a neighborhood that achieves the objectives of socially sustainable development for all!

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Let's create the virtuous housing of tomorrow ! 

Are you a student approaching the completion of your degree and want to get involved in shaping the future of the housing of tomorrow?

Propel by MIPIM - Paris is calling you today
to redesign neighborhoods
around the concept of "living better together".

Imagine a neighborhood that achieves the goals
of socially sustainable development for all.

Form teams of 4 to 6 students, bringing together diverse and complementary skills to develop a proposal for a group project that is viable, sustainable and exportable to different territories.


Today, the planet has grown to over 7 billion people, and for the first time in history, more than half of the population lives in cities. This trend continues to grow as a result of the economic attractiveness of these areas, which will have to be able to accommodate an additional 1.5 billion residents.
In a few decades, metropolitan cities will be privileged living environments to almost all of humanity.
This demographic explosion and growing attraction of urban areas pushes us to rethink about what the neighborhoods of tomorrow could be like, allowing a new lifestyle experience, sustainable and responsible to the greatest extent.
Source : UN

Choose a category from the three bellow

to develop your best idea

Space conception

Rethink the concept of space (notion of private and common space) conducive to a better quality of collective life (planning, architecture, design ...).  

Create social ties

Imagine products or services that allow you to (re) create social ties within a neighborhood

Integration of the neighborhood with the rest of its environment

How to create a dynamic of porosity between the neighborhood and its environment (city / metropolis) and / or between a living space and the workplace.