Creating the multi-purpose maritime platform of the future – STUDENTS / RESEARCHERS / ASSOCIATIONS

Collaborate with RTE to develop multiuses of a platform at sea

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This challenge begins with an exploratory debate opened by RTE on possible alternative-uses of the soon-to-be maritime platforms. The Communauté Urbaine of Dunkirk, as the hosting territory of the platform and experimental basin for new digital technologies, wishes to rely on this new platform to encourage innovation and the development of start-ups on the Dunkirk territory.

The projects will be reviewed by RTE in terms of their relevance but also their ability to be deployed, taking into account the environmental, economic, scientific ... aspects of the sea and the territory including Dunkirk and some constraints to respect (access, security, authorizations, design...).

RTE wants to make this experimental partnership a real promoting tool and innovation serving the territory and future sectors.

Design and submit ingenious solutions to improve the use of offshore electrical
platforms and the integration of new high added-value services.

A few ideas for inspiration

To tackle this challenge, we want you to submit your ideas, concepts, plans and prototypes linked to one of the following topics:

  • A smart platform for monitoring the air and underwater environments
  • A platform for trialling new technologies and R&D projects
  • A re-imagined approach to energy transition awareness-raising by developing new forms of industrial tourism and education
  • Other areas you could consider


These are just examples – if you have other solutions that tackle this issue, we’d love to hear them !

Smart platform


The marine world remains poorly understood as an environment. There are a wide range of issues at play, including protecting biodiversity, sustainable fishing, a sustainable blue economy, scientific understanding and shared use – and as part of efforts to limit climate change, protect biodiversity, better share resources and develop new services, these issues are more important than ever.

Your submissions could focus on:

  • An intelligent monitoring platform for aerial and underwater environments
  • Very high speed land-sea communication service
  • A platform for experimenting with new technologies and R & D projects
  • Awareness re-imagined to the energy transition by developing new forms and industrial tourism and education



Trials / R&D

The platform could be used as a place to trial new technologies and/or to pool R&D efforts with other sites and centres of expertise, making it the ideal in vivo lab.
Your submissions could focus on :
  • Research and development looking into materials that meet the demands of the marine environment for offshore facilities or the shipbuilding industry
  • Research into methods of water decontamination
  • Developing new technologies linked to the marine environment and its features
  • Connection of production test sites from marine energy, offshore storage or data centers
  • Creating a base for aerial or underwater drones

And all this could be linked to the IoT...


Remote tourism and tourism for the general public

As a new curiosity of the Dunkirk coast, the platform could pique the interest of tourists and residents alike.
Your submissions could focus on :
  • The establishment of awareness exhibition
  • At-sea educational tours
  • An awareness-raising website
  • 3D digital immersion




Ecodesign consists of integrating the conservation of the environment from the conception of a project (goods or services), throughout its life cycle, i.e. from the extraction of raw materials to the end of the life cycle of the solution.

The goal is to innovate to to try to find the best balance between environmental, social, technical and economic requirements. It is one of the pillars of the circular economy, and it can be based on recycling natural resources. It can also be an opportunity to design models of space sharing with biodiversity.

Your submissions could focus on :


  • The aesthetic integration of the platform in the seascape (Association with a designer is encouraged)
  • Conception of new materials and ecodesign systems
  • Multifonctionnality of the solution
  • Adapted aquaculture experimentation
  • Organic reconquest