Team up for climate!

Adapting and living together in the face of climate risks

Egis places its multiple fields of expertise at the disposal of the community and makes cutting-edge innovation accessible to all projects throughout their lifecycle: consulting, engineering, operation.

Egis creates and operates intelligent infrastructure and buildings capable of responding to the climate emergency and addressing the major challenges of our time by helping to achieve more balanced, sustainable and resilient territorial development.


We’re inspired by the future! from Egis on Vimeo.


Through the actions it takes every day, Egis has a big responsibility to address climate and biodiversity concerns. We are deeply aware our main sectors of activity - cities, buildings and transport - account for more than 50% of global greenhouse gas emissions. We must help our clients adapt to the change happening around us today, with the goal of reaching “net zero emissions” worldwide in 2050.

Egis has been addressing sustainability issues for more than 20 years and has made 5 new commitments to help us rise to the challenges that lie ahead :

  • Reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of our group by 80% by 2050. 
  • Reduce the emissions of our clients’ projects, and limit their impact on biodiversity.  
  • Increase carbon sequestration. 
  • Reinforce the resilience of our communities and infrastructure to the risks arising from extreme climate events.
  • Adjust our business portfolio in alignment with the Paris Agreement on the Climate.

The climate is a major and universal issue, and we all have our part to play, Egis first and foremost, in building today the resilient world of tomorrow.

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