The AI Challenge - Student

Imagine innovative uses of Artificial Intelligence technologies 

The Final

The AI Challenge Student final was held on September 14th, 2017 in the stunning One Point's offices located in Trocadero, Paris. After 4 months of intense work, the 5 finalist teams, selected from 365 teams in over 270 schools and 35 different countries had to present their project in 4 minutes only!

They had to pitch in front of an exceptional jury of innovation experts coming from Volkswagen Financial Services, Deutsch Telekom and One point. After the presentation the different teams had 4 more minutes to answer questions from the jury. Each team submitted mind-blowing ideas in the field of client experience, machine learning and human intervention.

Here is the final ranking of this inspiring event:





« The TUM Starters developed a chatbot for urban gardening aiming at raising awareness of climate change and thus pollution among citizens. In doing so, the chatbot is supposed to assist in all gardening activities in a gamely, easy, not-comitting way by making use of tracking your current location. »

Sophie Pellas - Jasmin Rimmele - Martin Wepner.





« We are in a constant hurry but moving around town is taking more and more time. En route! takes into account many different factors to maximize our time, instead of losing it in the traffic jam. »

Louise Ledent - Guillaume Morauw.





« The AI_L.&.J project suggests to companies a platform system guided by Artificial Intelligence which helps making the recruitment process more efficient. The final decision is decided by a Human being but supported by the Artificial Intelligence.  »

Julie Nguyen - Léa Bousrez.





« Peregrine is a bespoke tourism service built for the traveler of the future. It harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence and the convenience of Autonomous Cars to curate unique tours based on your personal interests. It uses state of the art transparent screens to augment useful information, stories and experiences to enhance the travel experience.»

Akhil Oswal - Pranav Naor.





« The Altair team aspires to establish an AI that enhances customer call service by making it more efficient through reduction of human labor and customer's waiting time in data verification & processing. »

Yuventia Karina - Marcel Gregory - Marcia Abigail.