The Smartphone Insurance of tomorrow

Startups, put your solution into the spotlight and invent the smartphone insurance of tomorrow! 

The Smartphone Insurance context

Like everyone else, we bet you guys have smartphones, right? Best tool ever: social networking, selfies taking, video watching, even discussing over the phone… But you also probably know how painful it is to break your phone or have it stolen from you! You feel like you’re the loneliest person in the world. You have no choice but to get another one even though it is damn expensive!

You think your startup can help us reinvent smartphone insurance?
This challenge is made for you. Kamet Ventures, AXA’s startup studio, wants to build the best, 100% digital, as automated as possible, smartphone protection plan.

If you reach the final stage you will have the chance to pitch your project in front of Kamet investment committee. Depending on the results of the pitch session you might win 10,000€ of financial endowment and join Kamet incubation program. A great business opportunity not to be missed! 


Did you know that every year, consumers pay $20Bn in smartphone insurance? … And what they get most of the time is a poor experience:

- Expensive price - 

- Unclear terms & conditions -

 - Burdensome claims notification process -

- Time consuming: it can take a whole week before smartphone gets back -


At Kamet, we are convinced that this has to change. This is why we count on you to help us invent the smartphone insurance as it should be.

A few guidelines of what we have in mind:

The new smartphone insurance should save time and money for both insurers and customers

Both user journey and operations should be as automated, digital and remote as possible 

The envisioned solution should discourage fraud (fake notifications)
leveraging technology and/or business model 

The assessment of breakdown or damages to the smartphone could be done through
a remote diagnostic tool that would be run directly from the device  

The service should increase the number of touch points and engagement of customers
to make an offer that really matters 

To invent the smartphone insurance of tomorrow,
Kamet proposes your startup to enroll in 2 challenges:

insurance solution
& value proposition


At stake for the startups


If you reah the final you will have the chance to pitch your project in front of Kamet investment committee & top management. 



Following the pitch session, the winning startup will receive 10,000€ of financial endowment if not selected for the incubation program. 



Following the pitch, the winning startup(s) will have the chance to join Kamet incubation program and get support from experts to deepen their project.