The Trail by VINCI Construction - 2nd Edition

Imagine tomorrow's construction industry!

Innovate in one of these three fields:

The construction site
and methods of the future


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Sustainable construction & resilience

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Cities above
and under cities

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The construction site and methods of the future

Digitalization, robotics, smart operators, 3D printing, data-gathering sensors, wearables, artificial intelligence, and more... 

  • How could new techniques and digital tools be integrated into construction? 
  • How could sites work using collaborative and just-in-time approaches?
  • What could these technologies have in store for the future of construction professions? To what extent will they influence the working methods and conditions of manufacturers?
  • In what way will tomorrow's project take greater account of the social, societal and environmental environment?


Design and submit a project that brings together the latest and best technology to improve the construction sites of the future, making them both productive and eco-friendly!


Sustainable construction & resilience

How best to lead the way in the construction industry in response to the current environmental and climate challenges?

What new solutions could you find to the following challenges?

  • Consideration of environmental issues throughout the entire chain of design, building and operation;
  • Buildings' energy efficiency;
  • Buildings' life cycles;
  • Adapting buildings to make them more resilient to climate challenges – particularly to natural disasters;
  • Using innovative and eco-friendly materials, taking into account the need to bring green spaces and biodiversity back into cities, and more.
  • Creation of a useful building for people, fauna and flora.


Imagine a world where construction leads by example in combating the excesses of our consumer society!


Cities above and under cities

The number of people living in cities will double in the next 30 years – what solutions could tackle the challenges of developing these cities and their buildings, transport infrastructure, utilities, green spaces and more?

  • How could you build the future of cities? How could your solution optimize property?
  • How could the expansion of self-driving vehicles help to improve cities' urban development?
  • What could be done with underground infrastructure when car parks have been made obsolete by new transport solutions?
  • What new innovative and/or participatory methods of financing could be used to build the cities of the future? 
  • What new services could be offered to residents of tomorrow's cities?
  • In what way can our increasingly dense cities be more pleasant to live in?


Approach city development from a different angle!