Innovation for Sustainable Agriculture

Join the Cultiv@te program to bring innovation and technology where it is most needed, combining globally-leading innovation with local knowledge, expertise and market insights.


Cultiv@te Finalists Announced

UNDP Cultiv@te Programme was launched on 12 November as part of the SWITCH x SFF festival held in Singapore. This global challenge attracted 674 participants from 114 nationalities and 202 submissions over a promotional period of 15 weeks.
A total of 55 shortlisted startups and R&D teams worked with their mentors to improve on their sustainable agricultural solutions and adjusted their strategies to suit each of the 13 beneficiary countries. The teams went through a stringent online interview session to present their innovative ideas to the UNDP team and their partners.

Out of these selected 55 teams, 31 were selected for this challenge and are accepted to join the Cultiv@te programme. The journey doesn't stop here, the teams will go on to work with the UNDP Cultiv@te team, partners and mentors to prepare for their visit to the beneficiary countries.
Thank you to all the startups and R&D teams that participated in this programme, and congratulations to the 31 selected finalists! The level of creativity and innovation we've seen during this competition has been very inspiring and we believe that you will continue to make a difference for sustainable agriculture.

Rainfed Agriculture

Innovation to increase the climate resilience of agriculture in Bhutan's unique context



Boosting agricultural productivity in a post-conflict region



Improving agricultural practices and increasing farmers' access to credit



Boosting food security while ensuring net zero deforestation



Applying climate-smart innovations to increase agricultural productivity

Country TBD 

Urban Agriculture

Solving for pest and disease management in urban farms

The Wely Device Team



Finding innovative solutions for urban farming in social housing


Promoting youth engagement and entrepreneurship in peri-urban agriculture


Country TBD 

Livestock Farming and Aquaculture

Increasing the productivity and quality of livestock and dairy production in the Amazonian Ecuador

Increasing safe fish production while managing aquaculture wastes sustainably

Digital land management tools for the fair and sustainable use of pastures
Country TBD