Innovación para una agricultura sostenible

La iniciativa Cultiv@te crea una coalición de socios y partes interesadas que desean utilizar la tecnología y la innovación en donde más se necesita, combinando la innovación mundial con los conocimientos, competencias y habilidades de los mercados locales.



How might we integrate urban agriculture into public housing programmes?




How might we increase agricultural productivity by introducing innovative technologies for farming and improving post-harvest handling technologies, and ensure that high quality, safe food is delivered to an urban population? 



How might we engage youth in agricultural development by applying modern farming techniques and creating viable agricultural business models?



How can we effectively manage pest and disease outbreaks in urban farms to produce safe food, with minimal impact on humans and the environment?

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How might we boost agricultural productivity, and raise value added production in a sustainable way, in a post-conflict region?




How might we increase agricultural productivity to meet food security targets while ensuring net zero deforestation in Gabon? 




How might we increase the productivity of agriculture and food systems through the application of climate resilient technologies and methods? 




How might we maximise the full potential of agriculture through improving agricultural practices, and ensuring that farmers have better access to credit, amidst the impacts of climate change?





How might we increase farmers’ income through investing in climate resistant crops, ensuring better access to irrigation, and improving access to transportation?




How might we ensure the fair and sustainable use of pastures through investing in a digital land management system?




How might we use digital technologies to introduce the best husbandry practices, and improve farmers' access to its inputs and markets? 




How might we increase the productivity of livestock and dairy sectors, and improve the quality of its final products, in a forested area?




How might we increase safe fish production by maximising production per cubic meter of water, and manage its generated waste sustainably?


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