Village By CA North of France

European call for applications: “Innovate to develop people demand for plant-based proteins products"

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Village by CA
North of France

Village by CA supports high potential innovative startups originating from any territory. Startups and projects bearers hosted by the Village can take advantage of a cutting-edge technological environment rooted at the heart of every French region. They get the means of their accelerated growth within an open innovation ecosystem that includes selected private, public and academic partners.

Village by CA North of France is located in Lille, at the heart of Euratechnologies, one of Europe’s prime start-ups incubators where 145+ companies involved in the fields of digital technologies, cyber-security, data or IOT all operate. Village by CA North of France is a unique ecosystem entirely focused on accelerating the growth of innovative startups. It does so by connecting them to large corporations, research and academics as well as public actors and potential investors. Look at for more information.


The Nutrition, Health
& Longevity Cluster

The Nutrition, Health & Longevity Cluster is the only competitivity cluster in France which combines nutrition-related topics with topics to do with health and biotechnologies. It specialises in innovations for preventing and treating pathologies associated with the ageing process. It has 120 members and supports innovative stakeholders operating in Nutrition and Health in designing, developing and financing the products and processes of the future.

The Cluster sets out to identify opportunities (technology, market, product, financial assistance), facilitate discussions between existing and potential members and contribute to collaborative R&D projects involving universities, academic teams, national and international public research institutes and private companies.



Eurasanté is an economic development agency operating in the Biology, Health and Nutrition sectors based in Hauts-de-France. It supports project leaders and companies in the biology, health and nutrition sectors in their various research projects and in their drives to set up companies and develop business. Eurasanté also invests in organising and promoting B2B events focused on innovation and partner-orientated research in key sectors of the healthcare market (Silver Economy, Nutrition, Pharma/Biotech, Medtech). It aims to promote innovation, play a part in structuring these sectors and develop business opportunities on an international scale.



Crédit Agricole Nord de France

A local, full-service bank and the leading financial institution in the Nord and Pas de Calais departments, Crédit Agricole Nord de France actively supports the development of its region and the projects submitted by its private and business clients, agriculturists and farmers, entrepreneurs and local authorities. The Regional Bank provides day-to-day support for over a million clients in every aspect of local banking: savings, funding, insurance and property.

Crédit Agricole Nord de France contributes to the fundamental aspects of development in its region and accompanies the region through its demographic and economic changes to prepare for the future. For example, it is supporting “Village by CA Nord de France” and its network of partners to encourage company start-ups and the emergence of new, innovative projects.

A mutual and cooperative bank, Crédit Agricole Nord de France is a partner to the region, committed to its economic and social development.




Bonduelle is a family-run company founded in 1853 that has set itself the target of being the world's leading company engaged in helping people to live well by eating vegetable products. Firmly focused on innovation and long-term vision, the group is diversifying its business lines and increasing the number of regions in which it has sites. Its vegetables, grown over a surface area of 128,000 ha, are sold in 100 countries under various brand names. Various distribution channels and all types of technology are used to market them. Bonduelle operates 55 sites and has acquired unique expertise in the agro-industrial sector. Its products are produced in the best crop-growing regions and the shortest possible distribution channels are used to transport them to customers.




Sodexo was founded in 1966 by Pierre Bellon in Marseille. It is a world leader in the provision of services to improve quality-of-life, contributing to people's well-being and the performance of organisations. It operates in 80 countries and serves 75 million consumers every day via a unique combination of three activities: On-Site Services, Benefits & Rewards Services and Personal & Home Services, delivered by nearly 425,000 employees. Sodexo is the only company to provide a complete range of innovative services, based on more than 100 professions, such as food services, reception, maintenance, cleaning and facilities and equipment management. It also manages luncheon vouchers, gift vouchers, home help services, nurseries and concierge services. The Group celebrated its 50th birthday in 2016.



La Voix Medias

La Voix Médias is the advertising network for the Rossel-La Voix group based in Lille, in France's Hauts de France region. It is supported by the expertise and audiences of the leading media group north of Paris, made up of integrated media channels, all of which complement one another perfectly. Every year, La Voix Médias launches nearly 20,000 communications campaigns targeting more than 4200 clients via its press, digital, events, radio, TV and cross media solutions.



Lille Catholic University

Lille’s Catholic University is a unique multidisciplinary institution comprising five faculties, schools and institutes and some 28,000 students. It also has a hospital complex with 1000 beds. All of these institutions share the same educational philosophy based on excellence and humanism, performance and solidarity serving the region and helping to preserve it. Over the past 5 years, the Catholic University has been committed to a unique innovation approach. This has involved numerous innovative ecosystems, including the Yncréa Hauts-de-France ADICODE facilities and its commitment to bringing about the third industrial revolution.



IAR Cluster

The French Bio-economy Cluster. The IAR competitivity cluster has more than 360 members, representing the whole bioeconomy value chain. All of them are committed to using biological resources to develop sustainable technologies, food products – such as proteins – and non-food products. Since 2005, the IAR cluster has supported more than 220 projects, investing a total of more than €1.5 billion. IAR is also a partner in the Protein France consortium. Drawing on its regional, national, European and international network, IAR engages in initiatives to develop the bioeconomy in France – specifically in the Hauts-de-France region and the eastern part of the country.