Groupe SEB Tech Challenge 2nd edition

Sustainable innovation: "Design tomorrow's small domestic appliance product that meets the challenges of sustainable development"

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Develop sustainable innovation with Groupe SEB

Your mission
: devise and design tomorrow's small domestic appliance product !
This must fulfil the Groupe SEB mission to «simplify and embellish the lives of consumers» and to respond to the sustainable development challenges facing our planet and humanity.

What does this actually mean?

The Groupe SEB is already firmly committed to designing and manufacturing products developed in accordance with ethical, social and environmental requirements: the Groupe SEB offers high-quality products that last. The Groupe SEB also encourages repairs of its products (10-year repairability commitment) and applies eco-design rules to, among other factors, choosing the materials it uses as part of a circular economy rationale.
We expect the students to focus on the new needs of consumers sensitive to sustainable development challenges to propose appliances for household care, domestic comfort, laundry care, food preparation and personal care that, thanks to their functionality and the service they give consumers, provide a response to these challenges.

Examples include appliances that:

  • prevent food wastage,
  • produce or consume food items that have a lower environmental impact (e.g. non-animal proteins),
  • consume the right amount of energy for the desired function,
  • limit or avoid the use of environmentally harmful consumables (e.g. detergent products, cleaning products), etc.
  • prevent food packaging (water bottles etc.)
  • etc.
The Groupe SEB expects proposals of concepts and prototypes of DISRUPTIVE devices with features that do not currently exist and which will be offered to consumers with a slogan (consumer promise or benefit) and a USP (unique selling proposition) that are entirely focused on sustainable development.

What is this challenge about?

Participating in this challenge provides an opportunity to demonstrate your talents, as well as being an opportunity for you to stand out and engage with the business world. If your team is selected for the final, you will receive:

€1,000 to prototype your project

Creative immersion and the chance to prototype

 Support from the Groupe SEB's technical mentors

 Rewarding meetings with professionals from the Groupe SEB

Support from prototyping specialists

They will be on hand to help you, both online and during a workshop day in Paris

A two-day final in Lyon and a visit to the Groupe SEB's headquarters

The global leader in small domestic appliances

Prizes to be won

For the Top 5 of the 10 teams selected

Prizes for all finalists!

March 2020

 A two-day final

The semi-finalist teams will be invited to the Groupe SEB's head office near Lyon for two days to take part in the grand final!

Presentation at a marketplace, contact with the Groupe SEB's teams, prototyping at the SEBLab for the finalist teams, etc.

What are you waiting for?