Groupe SEB Tech Challenge 2nd edition

Sustainable innovation: "Design tomorrow's small domestic appliance product that meets the challenges of sustainable development"

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What are "small household appliances"?

Your project must answer the following questions:

Does it provide a solution to an identified problem? Is it a completely new innovation? Is it a change of tool or usage? Does it replace or complement other appliances? Is it a realistic project that is commercially viable?

What is the value proposition? What user need does your project address? Does your project respond to a market expectation? How do you expect to sell or address this product?

What costs do you envisage? What would the benefits be?

Things to bear in mind

When thinking about your product, focus on the areas of use and consumption.

Your project must be relevant (response to the sustainable development issue and be in the small household appliance segment) and realistic (prototypable within three months).

A functional model is expected!