Melco Startup Challenge

Innovating Excitement for a New Age

The Future is Ours!

Melco is proud to offer a world-class experience to its customers - and we are always looking for ways to improve and innovate our services. To carry on this task, we are seeking for innovators to build up solutions aiming at improving our customers experience in our properties!

Join us on our mission to innovate!

Our digital transformation isn’t just about digitizing business processes: it is integral to innovation throughout Melco.

We are looking for disruptive startups to help us improve all aspects of our value chain, your service/solution should aim at being integrated into our current structure. The objective is to leverage current settings to improve the overall efficiency of our services.

Categories to compete in
Tackle innovation among our value chain to deliver meaningful innovations to our customers

Travel Tech

From pre-booking to arrival.

Retail & Hospitality

The full range of services proposed during their stay.

Operation Management

To improve our backend processes.

Added Services

All add-ons proposed to our guests during their stay.

Customer Success

From the time they leave our properties to the next visit.

Microsoft AI

At Microsoft, our mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. Microsoft AI takes a very people-centric approach. It’s all about amplifying human ingenuity, our creativity, and imagination, with intelligent technology. Our AI is built on breakthrough advances in AI research and the power of Cloud, making innovation faster and more accessible.


We innovate and accelerate with powerful tools and services that bring AI to every developer. With the flexible Azure platform and a wide portfolio of AI productivity tools, you can build the next generation of smart applications where your data lives, in the intelligent cloud, on-premises, and on the intelligent edge. You can achieve more with the comprehensive set of flexible and trusted AI services - from pre-built APIs, such as Cognitive Services and Conversational AI with Bot tools, to building custom models with Azure Machine Learning for any scenario. 

The Azure AI platform also features enterprise-grade AI infrastructure, that runs AI workloads anywhere at scale. Modern AI tools designed for developers and data scientists help you create AI solutions easily, with maximum productivity. 





Access your free Azure credits ($200 USD) here.


What is at stake?

If your proposal is selected among the top ones, you will benefit from coaching from industry veterans (from Melco property & Microsoft) to help you refine your proposal and prepare for a potential joint-POC.

You will then be invited on 18 January 2018 to pitch your idea to our Senior Management & partners and win a potential contractual collaboration. Our objective being to implement the winning solutions among our value chain, make sure you already roll out an operation plan to do so!

The winning team(s) of the POC(s) will start the journey right away after the final event, with the objective of operational implementation before Summer 2019. Based on the success of this, larger collaborations (on multiple properties) could be foreseen by early 2020.

Prizes & Awards

  • Top
  • Top
  • 1-3
  • 1-3


Up to 3 Proofs of Concept worth up to USD 50,000 (1 being guaranteed).


USD 1,000 worth of Azure Credits.


To be shared among the top 3 as follows:

First Team: US $6,000
Second Team: US $3,000
Third Team: US $1,000


Introduction to Melco's Group Management 
Invitation to client's event

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