ASEAN Tech Awards 2019

Innovative Solutions to Transform the Future

This competition is open to startups in the ASEAN region.

Collaborate to Innovate

How to build innovative projects using data?
Advanced data analytics enable superior performance in organizations willing to make the proper investment. Understanding and using data properly to better interact with clients and to monitor transactions, market trends, prevent errors, ease day-to-day activities of our workforce is paramount. Our industry works with large volumes of data and needs to better understand their value and uses cases. This is the new age of data and it has unlimited potential.
Digital transformation is a priority of Societe Generale’s “Transform to Grow” strategic plan and the bank aims to strengthen its relationship with the global ecosystem of innovation, including startups, fintechs, web giants, incubators and accelerators. Data Scientists have been recruited in all divisions of the bank and work on diverse subjects such as banking and insurance businesses, operations, risks, compliance, audit, information technology, human resources.
Today, data is central to customer relations and the Societe Generale Group organisation. In a digital environment, the Bank improves its services to its clients, its risk management, and its operational efficiency, thanks to data use while ensuring its quality, security and protection.
Data management has always been in Societe Generale’s DNA.
New technology is moving us closer to our customers, where we play our advisory role by pairing the best of our human and digital resources. We are transforming in depth, to better optimise and protect this strategic asset for the Group.
Optimising data to provide a better service to customers through more than 200 data usage development initiatives, some of which are still in the experimental phase, while others are already in production. Setting up data use conditions, while ensuring their security and protection, with a decentralised organisation that is close to the businesses and the spread of a data culture, in respect of regulations. Ensuring the technological and human resources for our ambition.
Our goal is to increase further the understanding and business usage of Data in Societe Generale. To achieve this objective, we are seeking to close the gap between sponsors (teams who have a need to use the data), the scientist (SG employed data scientists, regardless of the department and or the country where they work). We are also aiming to boost a broader understanding in the workforce to understand the benefits of Data Science and be comfortable working with it in an interactive environment which will motivate them to continuously learn, test, build innovative projects.

Your Mission

Imagine and create a dynamic collaborative data ecosystem for Societe Generale
The proposal should be designed to accommodate 2 types of scenarios:
1 Restricted Data Challenges accessible only to Societe Generale Sponsors and Data scientists. A secure environment where confidential problem statements, supporting data sets, success factors are shared in a motivating manner to ensure maximum participation of sponsors and scientists, even beyond their direct sphere of banking expertise
2 Open innovation challenges, open to all data scientist (juniors and experts, staff or external) on various topics such as environmental, financial innovations, financial inclusion, smart cities
Our primary goal is to select a solution (Kaggle-like) that would be stimulating, easy to use and fun for Societe Generale sponsors and data scientists to collaborate on and produce new projects. The solution should be compatible with our internal data lakes and service add on tools (APIs) and should be seamless for our external partners/providers to continue work with us and yet a secure, stable environment where confidential data is protected for internal staff use only.

Key Capabilities

  • Concept of the platform (design, scalability, ease of use, intuitive GUI)
  • Compliant with Banking security standards and compliance regulations
  • Platform would need to be intuitive, and easy for our organisation to build data projects
  • Feature to support external participants in Data Science challenges and a “internal reward system” to motivate sponsors and data scientists to engage


API Playbook

Cloud computing guidelines

Technological Risk framework


Exposure to Societe Generale's management to present the concept and potentially execute the project

Exposure on Societe Generale's social media and newsletter with post event communication


Challenge Objectives:
Awareness & education - Disseminate understanding within the workforce of Data Science, how to use it effectively
Interactive engagement – Engage our of data scientists with the organisation
Feasible and commercially viable – Support collaboration and manipulate real data sets for use
Compatibility – Compatible with embedded solutions based on API usage to help our data scientists
Talent sourcing – Enable us to discover talents by launching interactive challenges