Future of Laundry

Help Electrolux redefine the use of laundry machines in China based on the principles of the shared economy.

Mentoring & Final

For up to 3 members/selected Startups/Teams

Selected startups (5) who present a promising business proposition will have the opportunity to be mentored by the Electrolux regional leaders and multi-disciplinary experts to further refine their plans.  This will be an opportunity to benefit from a century of industry knowledge as well as advice from highly-skilled professionals. 

The best 3 to 5 teams will be invited to the final pitch to Electrolux Asia Pacific management at the regional headquarters in Singapore on May 11th, 2018. Top 3 teams will walk away with attractive prizes, and the top team may stand a chance to receive funding to co-develop and roll-out this new laundry service in China.

Electrolux is consistently ranked the world’s second-largest appliance manufacturer, with a portfolio of many leading brands globally. As the winning startup, your core team could benefit from further networking and learning from Electrolux’s operational and R&D teams across the region. Get up, close, and personal with Electrolux to learn how a large multinational corporation runs sales & marketing, R&D, manufacturing, supply chain, and operations across multiple countries, and continues to win market share. Build a stellar business plan, and you may even stand a chance to present your pitch to the Electrolux Group CEO and Group Management at an event in Singapore or Stockholm.


This is a unique opportunity to get your startup off the ground by ensuring you have a world-leading corporation as your client. Take your chance and join this challenge!


For the 3 winning projects

A total of 15,000€ to share

10,000 €


3,000 € worth of Electrolux Products


2,000 € worth of Electrolux Products


If you are able to impress the top management of Electrolux during the grand finale, you can expect to benefit from their internal capabilities (HR support, market insights, supply chain, marketing, legal, IT….) to help your company scale.

*Based on the appreciation of your performance throughout the challenge.

If you are able to impress the top management of Electrolux during the grand finale, they have expressed strong interest to further invest in and incubate the top startup/team to turn the concept into a company and bring it to market.

*potentially granted to the most promising startup/team.