VINCI 2017 innovation students awards

In the digital era,
what would the city of your dreams look like?

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In 2015, a previous « 2020 Global Climate » students challenge had been organized by the Group, simultaneously with the VINCI Innovation Prize.
During this challenge, that took place during the COP 21 year, students were asked to put innovative solutions forward, so as to contribute to reducing VINCI's projects' ecological footprint by 2020. 
Durign this international competition, 37 nationalities were representend, and 6 entries were rewarded out of 122. 

Buildings' energy efficiency Award

1st prize: Biotic Factor - Reusable material for affordable lodgings

2nd prize: ENSE3 Audit - A training course aimed at tackling eneergy precarity.

3rd prize: Block’n’Roll - Prefabricate differently and solve construction's new challenges.

Connected city and urban services Award

1st prize: Common Efficacy - To ease access to energy efficiency and thermal comfort through the integration of stakeholders at neighborhood scale.

2e prize : Twinkle Box - A prepayment and equipment solution to ease everyone's access to electricity. 

Mobility Prize

1er prize : Cool City - Organize logistical flows to reduce urban noises.