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Who are the organizers?



ECS Group is the largest grouping of GSSAs (general sales and service agents) in the world, making the group a leader in the air cargo industry.

Founded in 1998, ECS Group now includes 69 subsidiaries, 147 offices in over 47 countries, and more than 1000 employees. For over 20 years, the company has strived to offer high-quality cargo transport services that combine technology with human strength.

ECS Group’s vision of the future is centred on the values of excellence, innovation, boldness, diversity and integrity. The group’s multidisciplinary teams all uphold these values, resulting in a transparent and innovative company that’s ready to welcome new ideas through your projects.


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What is a GSSA?


General Sales & Service Agents (GSSAs) represent airlines to market air freight capacity and supervise complex local operations.

GSSAs are third-party players representing airlines, mainly in terms of cargo space marketing, operational and administrative services.

When an airline wants to move into a new market or streamline its costs in an existing market, it calls on the expertise of a GSSA that already has a presence in the area to market its cargo capacity without the airline having to invest either time or material and human resources.

As well as selling the airline’s cargo capacity, a GSSA can also offer a wide range of services to its partner, including revenue management, IT solutions, communications, handling, business intelligence, strategy, haulage, customer services, cargo tracking, safety and more. In addition to their traditional scope of service, GSSAs can provide a wider spectrum of services to airlines and can even be appointed to perform Total Cargo Management.

GSSAs work in constant interaction with freight forwarders, airlines and GHAs, addressing a wide range of complex and unpredictable issues. As well as meeting the needs and requirements of its partner airlines, a GSSA must also satisfy its other customers, primarily freight forwarders. This means that GSSAs play a pivotal and essential role in the  aeronautical industry and in the air freight industry in particular.