Play Your Airport 2 - Company

The biggest international challenge dedicated to the airport city

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Your playing field

Two green spaces, a central square and the buildings in the district (train station, halls of the buildings, etc.) are ready and waiting to host your ideas! 

The aim is to transform the Roissypole district into an appealing city district that is connected, urban, enjoyable and relaxing. These spaces are frequented by employees and travellers alike and boast excellent up-and-coming real estate. Let your imagination run wild! 

The business district

Central spaces ready to host your ideas


A few ideas for inspiration


Bear in mind that these categories and suggestions are designed to inspire you, rather than being an exhaustive list of ideas.
Any project designed to bring new energy to the Roissypole district is eligible to take part in the challenge.

Urban development

Design a new development plan for underused areas in the Roissypole district.
- How could you transform the various squares into central urban hubs and make them more than just transit points – into living spaces that tie the district together?

- How could you offer a unique urban experience to the travellers, businesspeople and families who stay in our hotels?
- With a particular focus on new spaces, how could you create bonds between different people with as varied and diverse a range of profiles as those who come to the Roissypole district?


Services and retail

Put forward new temporary or permanent offerings to transform the district by bringing added value and a unique touch.
- What new services, retail opportunities and events could be offered to businesses to attract them to the Roissypole district, a place that already has over 300,000m² of offices and 10,000 employees?
- How could you expand the district’s outreach to residents of the surrounding towns and cities and to the thousands of people who pass through Roissypole each day to access the bus terminal after taking suburban trains?


Imagine how you could collate and distribute real-time information to range of people who travel through thr Roissypole district. 
- How could you unite a community as varied and diverse as Roissypole’s?
- What events would help to transform the Roissypole district into a place of relaxation and leisure?
- How could regional and events-based communication be developed to bring together the communities resident at Roissypole on a daily basis? What tools could be put in place?


Use your daily experience to improve the district.
Have you ever visited Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport? Then you know all about it – you know what it’s missing or what would help to improve it. Use this personal experience to put forward your solution, concept or product. If your startup has genuine added value to offer to the district and the people who make it what it is, tell us about it!