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Play a part in the airport of the future!

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Your project could fall under one or several of the following categories:

Bear in mind that these categories and areas to consider are given here to inspire you, not as an exhaustive list of ideas! All projects that are designed to improve the airport of the future are eligible to take part in the challenge.


The passenger experience

-You could focus on the passenger experience within the airport itself, but you could also look at their journey from their home or hotel to the airport or final destination in a door-to-door approach, for example by integrating your solution into Groupe ADP's e-commerce platform.

-Does your product or service provide added value for passengers? Does it make the journey more pleasant, simpler or quicker?

-Do you have ideas to improve how luggage is transported? #SmartLuggage #AutonomousLuggage #traceability...

-Do you offer new methods of transport? #intermodality #smartvehicles #sharingeconomy

-Could you bring points of sale within airports into the digital world and make them more appealing?

-Do you have a new service for people who are accompanying or meeting travellers?

-Could your service improve the passenger experience for elderly people?

-Are your services suitable for connecting passengers/people who are waiting for their flight to their final destination?

-Do your products or services help to minimize the environmental impacts?




Smart terminals

Does your startup:

-Improve the service passengers are given? #robotics #virtualreality

-Help to digitalize services or information?

-Optimize flows or maintenance?

-Offer new services to professionals (airlines, service providers, airport employees)?

-Provide technical solutions and processes designed to improve airports' environmental and energy performance?




Aircraft services

Your startup offers ways of:

-Improving logistics for aircraft on the ground.

-Simplifying the way aircraft making layovers are managed and their traceability.

-Optimizing how cargo layovers are managed – landside, in terms of reception of freight loads, and airside (layover) in terms of optimizing how freight flows are dealt with on the ground (transport, equipment, automation, traceability) both in the cargo area for all-cargo aircraft and around terminals for passenger flights carrying cargo in their holds.

-Optimizing/reducing/automating aircraft taxiing times.

-Providing technical solutions and processes designed to improve airports' environmental and energy performance.