Ricoh Challenge: The Future of the Multifunction-Printer

Ricoh is seeking groundbreaking ideas that can disrupt the conventional understanding of the “multifunctional printer”, and envision its possible future adaptations.

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Participations are open now and will close on 2 April 2023, 2359h Japanese Time (GMT +9).


Remodel the concept of the printer 

RICOH wants to collaborate with innovators to find solutions in order to reinvent the concept of the multi-functional printer

In a highly digitized and electronic-first world, with innovations around every corner, many of our traditional industries and ways of working have been transformed. However, essential industries, such as medecine, legal, procurement, and creative industries, are still in need of physical materials.

Do we embrace a fully digitized world or is there still a place for physical materials and environments?

Ricoh is a Japanese-based multinational imaging and electronics company, which produces multi-functional printer hardware and other office equipment.

We are looking for innovative solutions and ideas to challenge the concept of the traditional 'multifunctional printer' and to imagine its potential future adaptations.

Do you aspire to change the status quo of the world with paper, or even to harness either existing or new technologies in order to enhance a paperless world?

We would love to hear from you!

Choose from 4 categories

Ricoh Challenge: The Future of the Multifunction-Printer comprises of 4 key themes. Each exploring the different possibilities for the future of MFP (multi-functional printer/peripheral)
Solutions for a world with paper

Propose a solution that leverages the need for paper in modern industries.

Solutions for a paperless world

For non-material printing, how should printers and scanners evolve to still be relevant in the workplace? How can physical hardware be repurposed?

Solutions for the future

Create and develop new innovative solutions based around Ricoh’s core solutions.

Wild Card

Development of an innovative solution/creative ideas to create a potential future partnerships with Ricoh, regardless of category.


  1. Application Phase

    1 Feb 2023 - 2 April 2023

    After creating an account, Startups should upload a 10-page PPT/PDF detailing a real existing solutions using technology to solve the theme problems on ‘My Page’, which summarizes the answers and ideas/proposals in the form. Students should submit a 5-page idea/concept.

  2. Voting Phase 1

    3 April 2023 - 17 April 2023

    The Ricoh Judges’s team will select 30 teams to proceed to the next round via online interviews. This will consist of a 10-minute presentation of the project, followed by a 20-minute Q&A session with the judges.

    Selected teams must participate in the interview screening round.

  3. Interview Screening

    18 April 2023 - 16 May 2023

    The 30 teams selected following voting phase 1 will be interviewed online. Of these, 10 teams will be selected as finalists.

  4. Mentoring

    22 May 2023 - 26 May 2023

    The 10 teams will be mentored for 1 week from 22 May 2023 in preparation for the final event in end-May. The 10 finalist teams will be paired with Ricoh mentors on the platform to provide guidance and insights to prepare for the final event. 

  5. Final Event

    31 May 2023

    The 10 finalists teams will pitch their finalized proposal online to the final judging committee via a 5 minute pitch and an 8 minute Q&A, with the panel comprised of Ricoh executive and management level personnel. Resulting winners will be announced immediately.

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This challenge has a number of key benefits for startups and student innovators, which include:

Pitch to Ricoh executives during the Final Event: Ricoh Digital Printing CEO.

  • Connect with Ricoh Business Units
  • Proof of Concept discussion

A high-end digital compact camera GR III (worth up to US$1,000) for each member of the team or a cash prize of US$1,000 for the whole team.

Final Event

31 May 2023 (online Event via Zoom)

Ricoh Challenge: The Future of the Multifunction-Printer final showcase will take place online on Zoom. Judges and participants will be given 1 online dry-run prior to the event.