Wise Drinking Challenge

Raise awareness of responsible drinking through technology and innovative solutions

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Pernod Ricard is a French multinational company and the world’s number two player in wine & spirits. The group has 86 affiliates worldwide spread across 5 continents, and more than 18,500 employees. Some of Pernod Ricard’s strategic brands and wine are Chivas Regal Scotch Whisky, Jameson Whiskey, Absolut Vodka, Martell Cognac, and Jacob’s Creek and Campo Viejo wines. 

At Pernod Ricard, we are a ‘Créateur de convivialité’. Our history is rooted in being a sustainable and responsible company. There is no Convivialité with excess. We want our brands to be enjoyed with friends and family in a convivial atmosphere.  We make our drinks with great care, and we want them to be enjoyed the same way: this is all about wise drinking.

Pernod Ricard is committed to fight the harmful use of alcohol and we want to promote a moderate drinking lifestyle. We believe that underage should not drink, and we want to make young adults aware of the risks associated with alcohol and of the dangers associated with binge drinking. We campaign against drink-driving and drinking during pregnancy.

Pernod Ricard is consumer centric and we want to provide to our consumers the full range of relevant nutritional information and ingredients for all our key brands using innovative digital means adapted to their needs.

And most of all, we are proud of having the best ambassadors of Convivialité and Responsible Drinking, our employees.



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