Wise Drinking Challenge

Raise awareness of responsible drinking through technology and innovative solutions

This challenge is open to Startups, SMEs, Entrepreneurs and Academic Institutions across the world


Find below more information on the 6 categories to tackle!
Don’t hesitate to submit multiple projects if you have more than one solution, or one project that addresses multiple challenges.


We want to help our consumers make smart choices with respect to their drinking. For those who can drink and decide to drink, we want to help them to drink moderately and to know when to stop. Pernod Ricard truly believes that an effective way to help our consumers is to find better solutions to track alcohol consumption and make consumers be more aware of their alcohol intake.

Your challenge: Find innovative Tech solutions to help track alcohol effectively and nudge consumer behavior to prevent excessive drinking.

WithWise Drinking App in mind as a reference of what has been done in the past and needs to be replaced, try to reimagine the tracking app of the future. Take a two-pronged approach to achieve the following results:

  • Track one’s blood alcohol content or alcohol consumption in an effective and reliable way, like a wearable or any other solution
  • Deliver relevant health and safety suggestions – and any other relevant information such as in category 2 below - in real time via a connected app or any other solution


Nowadays, consumers are increasingly concerned about what they are consuming, preferring quality over quantity. Consumers want to know about nutritional information, the ingredients we used in different products, the alcohol content and how to consume them responsibly at anytime and anywhere. 

With the help of technology, it has never been easier and faster to access all kinds of information online. The question now is how can we help consumers have accurate information about their drinks, may it be the cocktail or the bottle they choose to consume?

Your challenge: How can we leverage digital trends and technologies to find innovative solutions to deliver key information about alcoholic beverages and how to consume them responsibly?

Keep in mind that your project will need to answer the following requirements:

  • Provide calories and other nutritional information
  • Inform consumers about the ingredients used in the products
  • Inform them about the alcohol content and encourage them to drink responsibly


“Don’t drink and drive!” Who hasn’t heard this at least once in their lives? Despite all the warnings, education programs and enforcement campaigns, too many people still get behind their wheels after drinking above the legal limit. How can we prevent this from happening?

Your challenge: Make good use of technology to reexplore the Wise Drinking app for consumers, help drivers be more aware of their blood alcohol level, persuading them to avoid drink and driving, and help them find wise alternatives to travel back home. Help enforcement authorities do their job and provide them with reliable, cost-effective and connected breathalyzers which deliver accurate and real-time data to central authorities. 

The objectives are as follows:

  • Help people get home safely after a night out: make drink driving unacceptable and help them find a safe way home.
  • Invent an effective and affordable alcohol monitoring tool (such as a portable breathalyzer) that can be used by authorities at sobriety check-points, which is also connected to the central authority for better monitoring.





Many dangers come with drinking from an early age, which may have detrimental consequences on the child’s development and can lead to problems later in life. Parents and communities have a strong influence on the attitudes of youth towards drinking and they can have an active role in raising their awareness. 

Most countries in the world have adopted a legal purchasing age, but despite this legal constraint, the underage still manage to obtain alcoholic beverages and we believe we can do more to prevent this from happening. 

Your challenge: Using any means of communication, come up with solutions to improve the way we change the social norm and better communicate to underage drinkers, their parents and the communities about alcohol consumption. Help us prevent the sale of alcohol to those under the legal drinking age.

The objective is to find:

  • Better, faster and more efficient ways to communicate and tackle the underaged drinking issue
  • Technological solutions to prevent the sale of alcohol to underaged teenagers in the offline and online worlds


Binge drinking is defined as the consumption of an excessive amount of alcohol in a short period of time.  Binge drinking can be harmful to health, and lead to injury and social problems. 

We are committed to reduce binge drinking and promote responsible drinking among our adult consumers, and especially for the young adults. One of Pernod Ricard’s key initiatives to address binge drinking is through the Responsible Party program. Pernod Ricard partners with Erasmus Student Network since 2009 to tackle binge drinking amongst exchange students. The program has reached over 400,000 exchange students so far in 32 European countries and Pernod Ricard is committed to expand the program globally. The Responsible Party crews distribute water and interact with students, to raise awareness about the dangers of excessive drinking and reduce any potential danger during the parties. Help us make this program a global success! Visit the Responsible Party website to find out more details of this program!

Your challenge:

  • Come up with innovative solutions to change the social norm around binge drinking and the perception that over drinking is cool.
  • Come up with ideas driven by technology to help us expand Responsible Party to reach young adults worldwide and nudge their behavior to make wise and responsible consumption during parties and other gatherings the new norm.


Objective: Educate and nudge consumers to reduce binge drinking and make responsible consumption the new norm in particular among young adult consumers!



Your project or existing product does not fall into one of the 5 categories? If you truly believe it will help to create awareness about drinking, take your chance in this Wild card section and submit your disruptive solution! But don’t forget, your project will need to include at least some technological aspects. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to check with our admins!