Dai-ichi Life Group - Innovation Challenge

Enhance the InsurTech industry and transform Dai-ichi Life Group value chain!

About Dai-ichi Life Group

Created in 1902, Dai-ichi Life Group is one of the largest life insurers in Japan. The company has always followed a corporate philosophy of "Customer first - By your side, for life" and provided products and services that best suit the changing needs of their customers.


The goal of Dai-ichi Life Group is to be as connected as possible with customers, communities and partners. The company desires to create a secure future for every community it serves, using the best of its local and global capabilities. In order to evolve and strengthen its position in the InsurTech business,
Dai-ichi Life Group needs to enhance its value chain by transforming each element composing it.

Key figures:
  • Sales: JPY 7 Trillion (USD 62 Billion)
  • Customer Base: 15.1 million in Japan, 8.3 million in the US, 720 thousand in Vietnam, 4 million in Australia
  • Global expansion: Asia (Japan, Australia, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Thailand), North America (USA), Europe (UK)
Dai-ichi Life Group is the company with the biggest amount of assets under management in Japan and Asia region, with over JPY 10 trillion.


In this context, Dai-ichi Life Group recently launched its "CONNECT 2020" plan, which aims to make the company evolve and to transform its relationships with various partners. Indeed, with this "CONNECT 2020" plan, the company's four main goals are to connect better with customers, to connect deeper with communities, to connect with more diverse partners, and to connect tighter as a group.
As part of this new plan, Dai-ichi Life Group is driving further and further innovation. For instance, the company has already established two Dai-ichi Life Group Innovation Labs: one in Tokyo and one in Silicon Valley. And many more actions are to come!
With the Dai-ichi Life Group Innovation Challenge, which is only one of many applications of the "CONNECT 2020" plan, the company wants to create new synergies and collaborations with start-ups, in order to develop unique solutions and technology to answer actual and future costumers’ needs.

If you are a start-up based in the InsurTech Business, join this Challenge and take the chance to win USD 15,000 that could be used for a Proof of Concept (PoC)!


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