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European Student Challenge: Breaking new ground in plant-based proteins to help feed the planet

How to take part in the challenge

To participate, register on the challenge platform.

Do this by entering your last name, first name, valid email address and password, and accepting the competition rules and general conditions then finalise your registration by activating your account by clicking on the link sent to you in the confirmation email.


Once you are registered, you can take part on your own or with others. Create your team or join the team of your choice!


Each team will consist of two to four participants. In order to generate the most innovative ideas, we invite you to include varied profiles in your team in terms of skills and nationalities.

Increase your chances of winning by gaining bonuses!   

There are two possible bonuses, try to accumulate them!

To promote an idea, it is vital to succeed in mobilising as many people as possible and gaining their buy-in!

  • Bonus n°1 - Virality: create a community around your idea.

Post your idea on Facebook and/or Twitter. Be creative and mobilise the largest community possible by getting a maximum of “Likes”!


Richness emanates from our differences To make up your teams, don’t hesitate to get out of your comfort zone and join forces with students you don’t yet know!

  • Bonus n°2 – Multi-disciplinary or international team: create a team made up of people from different disciplines or nationalities.


Are you keen to develop your idea/concept relating to the use of plant-based proteins for human consumption? Enter for Thinking Plant-based Proteins


Are you keen to develop your recipe relating to the use of plant-based proteins in human food? Enter for Cooking Plant-based Proteins