AI for Societal Impact Challenge

Leverage AI to make a difference in our society!


The first step towards your AI project is coming up with an idea. This can seem like a challenging task. A great idea can come from everywhere, which is why we encourage you and your team to find inspiration from problems you have experienced yourself or that are close to your heart. Another great way of finding ideas is by checking out the abundance of resources and information already available. On this page, you'll find project examples, datasets, and tools to help you to find an idea, develop your AI skills - even if you are starting from scratch! - and succeed in our challenge!



Using high-resolution satellite imagery and field data to train machine learning models on Azure, SilviaTerra is transforming how forests are managed.

Seeing AI

Seeing AI is a free app that narrates the world around you. Designed for the blind and low vision community, this ongoing research project harnesses the power of AI to open up the visual world and describe nearby people, text, and objects.

Filet Mignons

Filet Mignons is the winning team of the Discover AI Challenge, a student challenge organized by Microsoft and Agorize. Team Filets Mignons created Medico, a physical therapy app that analyzes patient-uploaded videos, providing real-time feedback and progress reports for the physician.