Global Earth Observation Challenge

Come up with new business ideas based on Satellite Data!

This challenge is open for startups worldwide

Innovate in New Businesses based on Satellite Data!

After success with the first edition - the Airbus G.E.O. Challenge is coming back!


Are you a start-up ready to take on a challenge that uses the best technology and a unique approach? Do you have great ideas and want to develop new business from it? Then, this challenge is for you!

Airbus Defence and Space invites all international start-ups to join the second edition of the Airbus GEO Challenge  competition and present their innovative answer to the following question:


How to create added value for new businesses, primarily based on Airbus satellite data?


Finalists will have the chance to pitch their project in front of Airbus Defence and Space Executives and selected stakeholders. The winners will be rewarded with €10,000 in cash prizes and satellite data vouchers worth up to €130,000! Participating in this challenge could also be the opportunity to be integrated into the Airbus BizLab, the global aerospace business accelerator.


This is a great opportunity to get your start-up off the ground! Ready to take off?


From Satellite Imagery to Business Solutions

For over 30 years, Airbus Defence and Space has been providing decision makers with sustainable solutions to increase security, optimise mission planning and operations, boost performance, improve management of natural resources and protect the environment.

In this context, Airbus Defence and Space encourages you to work on one of our two challenges, which are the core of our current digital services topics.

Choose one, or both topics, to have twice the chance of winning!

Select the most suitable challenge for your team


Standard challenge

Which new digital solution based on Airbus images are you ready to develop?

Learn more


Mobile challenge

Mix satellite and mobile technology to invent the killer application !

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Your Mission
Should you accept it!

Using Airbus Defence and Space Earth observation data, you will have to think and conceive a new business, primarily based on satellite imagery.

We have listed below some questions that you could answer to start imagining your business model:

  •   Does this business model already exist?

  •   If it doesn't: What added value will it bring to the prospective users, the ecosystems and the population?

  •   If it does: How can it be enhanced by the use of Airbus Defence and Space data set?

  •   How does the business fit in the ecosystem?

  •   Is it technically feasible?


Don't hesitate to think outside the box! If built correctly, brand new and original businesses will be most valued. But please keep in mind that it is mandatory that the creation of your business mobilises Airbus Defence and Space resources. This will be an important criterion to succeed in this challenge! 

What's at Stake?

Great opportunities for all finalists to be introduced to key Airbus Executives and access to Airbus satellite imagery!


Cash-Prizes, Data vouchers

€10,000 in cash prizes,

€130,000 in satellite data vouchers


Possible Partnerships & Greater Visibility
- Get introduced to your future clients, partners and suppliers through business collaboration with Airbus Defence and Space.

- Opportunity to be integrated into the Airbus BizLab, the global aerospace business accelerator.

15th November

Grand Final in Toulouse
Finalists’ presentations, award ceremony and a networking session with Airbus executives!