Global Earth Observation Challenge

Come up with new business ideas based on Satellite Data!


Mix satellite and mobile technology!

Travel all over the world from your phone, observe the evolution of a virgin forest over the months, optimize mission planning and operations... possibilities to use satellite imagery on your phone are limitless. 

In this context, Airbus Defence and Space encourages you to work on a mobile application and conceive a new business that may improve our daily lives mixing these 2 technological worlds.


Is it free?

Yes this is totally free to use except satellite data consumption. This consumption will be free in the hackathon frame.


What is the OneAtlas mobile SDK ?

The OneAtlas SDK is a set of libraries and tools for third-party developers to build apps using satellite imagery and associated services. The SDK enables to browse the Airbus basemap, search and view images in the Living Library and order images.


What’s in it for me?

At the event, you’ll be among the first app developers to work with our SDK. But as if that’s not enough, we have some prizes for the best apps developed during the event. To qualify, you must be able to give a short demo of your app, built using the OneAtlas Mobile SDK for iOS or Android, at the end of the event.

What can I build with the SDK?

You can use the SDK for consumer or business apps. For example, these services can support insurance and financial companies, consumer market, entertainment, video games, transports, logistics, tourism, and many more…. The possibilities are endless and we’re sure you have your own great app ideas.

If you believe in any other business which would permit to leverage satellite and other data sources to provide value added services, let’s do it! 

link for documentation

What's at Stake?

Great opportunities for all finalists to be introduced to key Airbus Executives and access to Airbus satellite imagery!

  • 1st
  • 2nd
  • 3rd


Cash-Prizes + Data vouchers

€5,000 in cash prizes,

Satellite data vouchers up to €30,000



Data vouchers

Satellite data vouchers up to €20,000



Data vouchers

Satellite data vouchers up to €10,000

OneAtlas Free Trial

You will find some guidelines to easily use the OneAtlas Mobile SDK. This has been built to empower our partners to better utilize satellite imagery and associated services. Enjoy by creating great applications with this powerful set of ready-to-use methods.

Free trial click here

Suggestions of useful tools

Location based services:

Open Street Map



Weather Data: Accu Weather API

AIS Data: Marine Traffic


And all you can find elsewhere (drones & UAVs, GPS,IOT,...)