Beyond Retail Challenge

Enhance the people experience within Immochan's facilities

Redesign the on-site experience

In 2016, over 1.7 billion visitors stepped into Immochan’s facilities worldwide but being a worldwide leader is a constant iterative process. Despite our retail-oriented DNA, we are always seeking for new exciting opportunities around us and believe your solution could shape the future of malls and customer experience.

The shopping experience is now brought beyond the simple purchasing action you can now find online. Humans desperately need social interactions. Malls should then, create an outstanding customer experience that drives people to visit physical spaces. People are our most valuable asset and should, therefore, beneficiate from the very best experience possible.


How can Immochan enhance people's journey?


This is a great way to demonstrate the superiority of your specific solutions. Our goal is to develop together a project that matches with our vision of linking people and creating sustainable, smart and lively places across our 13 markets (France, Luxembourg, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Russia, China, Taiwan, and Vietnam) and our 400-managed shopping centers. 

Rethinking the People's Journey

Please click here to check the challenge's resources and get more information on the customer lifecycle.

This challenge is to find new approaches to radically change the people experience.

Note: important information to know before getting started 

*People: Customers, Visitors, close inhabitants.
*Partners: Different third parties - Shop Tenants, Association, Clubs, City Agents.
*Building: Inside & Outside the mall - Central Plaza, Roofs, Walls, Parking Spot.

People & Partners relationship

How to develop concepts, services' and products to link partners and people? 

Think about new services & concepts. How to leverage technological devices or innovative solutions to improve the interaction between partners and people?

People with buildings & devices

How to leverage the interaction of the people with their environment within the constraints of a shopping mall?

How to use the environment to make people interact and enrich their experiences. This relates to any physical device that interacts directly/indirectly with people within the mall (smart lights, touch screen, VR, localized speakers and so forth).

People & People: human interaction

How to create an experience that goes beyond purchasing & retail? How to foster human interactions and create bonds between people?

Think about the potential side-activities (cultural, musical, fashion, design, sport) that will attract new visitors’ and create unique memories


For up to 5 startups


Total of 250,000€
(5 Proof of Concepts)


A POC (Proof of Concept) will be financed by Immochan for up to the 5 winning start-ups (each worth 50,000€) in their country of preference among Immochan's 13 markets and 400 operated malls (France, Luxembourg, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Russia, China, Taiwan & Vietnam).





Get introduced to your future clients, partners, and suppliers through business collaboration with Immochan.




Personalized support to help you get your project off the ground quickly: project structuring, Go to market strategies, economic intelligence insights ... 


Visibility & Onsite test


Test your concept in one of Immochan’s 400 shopping centers and get direct feedback from their visitors and operating staff.

Timeline of the challenge